Ember Moon Wrestle Again

Ember Moon has been out of action for a long time now, having suffered an Achilles injury. Will Ember Moon wrestle again though? Also, sadly, Shad Gaspard’s body was found this morning. Wrestlers have taken to social media to react to his passing.

Will Ember Moon Wrestle Again?

Ember Moon has been out of action since last year when she suffered a serious injury to her Achilles tendon. After an appearance on FS1’s WWE Backstage, we should now be asking: will Ember Moon wrestle again?

At first, such a question seems preposterous. Professional athletes suffer Achilles injuries all the time and return to their sports.

That’s not to say such an injury is a routine one, or that recovery is simple. Major professional athletes have suffered these types of injuries often, and more often than not, come back to perform at a similar level.

Ember Moon Wrestle Again

That recovery is more a general statement, and a testament to the advancements of modern medicine. A torn Achilles suffered a couple decades ago could have been an instant career ending injury.

However, sometimes even with modern medicine, an injury can be so significant that the outlook is bleak.

Ember Moon, speaking on Backstage, painted a not-so-rosy outlook for her particular scenario.

For a normal person, recovering from an Achilles injury can take longer than a year. It can be a slow and arduous process.

Professional athletes have access to more and better rehabilitation resources, but that doesn’t always matter. In the case of Ember Moon, it sounds like her injury was pretty significant, if she’s coming out now and calling it possibly career ending.

On a personal level, it would be disappointing to not see her return. I enjoyed watching her in NXT and then on the main roster. 

Hopefully things work out and she is able to come back and challenge for a championship before calling it a career.

Wrestlers React To Shad Gaspard’s Passing

It was reported that Shad Gaspard had been taken out to sea on Sunday. The United States Coast Guard suspended search efforts recently, and while his wife was holding out hope, this story does not have a happy ending.

Gaspard’s body washed ashore, as was reported this morning.

Now, the wrestling world is reacting to his confirmed passing at just 39 years of age.

shad gaspard's wife speaks

Considering the reports that Gaspard was within reach of rescuers, but ensured they saved his young son first…I feel like this man is worthy of the next Warrior Award, whenever or if ever one is conveyed again.

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