Dean Ambrose Leaving After Wrestlemania

Reports have surfaced that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose has given notice to the company this past Royal Rumble weekend, and is scheduled to leave the WWE shortly after his contract expires, which is Wrestlemania. In fact, according to PW Insider, Ambrose rejected a multiple-year contract that the WWE offered him, which was said to be a seven-figure (per year) deal.

As he is leaving before the big event, he could even be written out of storylines in the coming weeks.

Reports indicate that Ambrose giving notice has a lot to do with the frustration he has around the direction of his character, which is why Dean turned down the raise that was offered. Could he be headed to All Elite Wrestling? Nothing of the sort has been indicated as of yet, but anything is possible.

One source within the reported noted that Dean Ambrose can really do whatever he wants, as he does not live a lavish lifestyle and has already made some good money with the WWE. Therefore, it seems for The Lunatic Fringe, it’s not about the money at this point in time.

Nothing reported on Renee Young’s WWE status, and she will most likely continue with her RAW announcing duties.

– As mentioned on last night’s RAW, Dana Brooke joined Nattie last night to take on the Riott Squad during the Women’s Tag Team Titles’ qualifying match. You may have missed the off-handed comment during a backstage promo, indicating that Brooke was a last-minute replacement and that Natalya was originally supposed to team up with Ember Moon, who is now injured.

As per Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, Moon is set to undergo elbow surgery soon. Unfortunately, the Road to Wrestlemania season has to be the worst time for surgery; however, health should always be first priority. Perhaps the injury isn’t all that bad, and Moon can come back to participate on the Grandest Stage of Them All.