Shad Gaspard Missing

Shad Gaspard, formerly part of Cryme Tyme, is making news for an unpleasant reason. The former WWE Superstar has been pulled out to sea and is missing. Also, Jim Cornette had comments about Superstar Dana Brooke. Dana has now called Cornette out for those comments.

Shad Gaspard Missing

Sometimes we have to mention sad or worrisome news, and this is one of those times. There is growing concern for Shad Gaspard, who was reportedly pulled out to sea.

Gaspard was swimming off of Venice Beach on Sunday, along with his 10 year old son. The pair, along with other swimmers, were caught in a rip current. 

concern for shad gaspard

Gaspard’s son was fortunate enough to be rescued, but Shad was not. There has been an extensive, lifeguard-led search for the former WWE Superstar.

Now, the story has been picked up by TMZ, among other news outlets.

Now, a day later, there has been no report that Gaspard has been found.

While things don’t look good, we can still hold out hope for a positive resolution. Above all, we wish the best for friends and family of Gaspard during this difficult time.

Dana Brooke Calls Out Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette had some not so nice things to say about Dana Brooke’s appearances recently. Therefore, Dana Brooke did not take his latest terrible comments lightly, and she put him on blast for them.

Considering what his comments were, he has earned any and all backlash coming his way.

Brooke first came to the attention of WWE scouts through her background as a bodybuilder and fitness competitor. She is definitely one of the strongest on the roster.

For Cornette to make such crass comments is a bit stunning, but it’s not the first time the former manager has inserted his foot into his mouth. Sadly, he’s not even the only one to recently make uncalled for comments toward her, or other Superstars.

While it probably wouldn’t do anything for ratings, it would likely be quite fun to see someone as strong as Dana put Jim Cornette in his place.

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