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Rey Mysterio’s Contract, AEW Bringing In On-Air Authority Figure?

Rey Mysterio's contract with WWE is nearing its end and he could be gone in a matter of months. Also, is AEW bringing in on-air authority figure?

Rey Mysterio’s time in WWE could be over in a matter of months. Plus, people are wondering if AEW should have an on-air authority figure.

Rey Mysterio’s Contract

Rey Mysterio has been in the pro wrestling business for decades and his body is proof. He has undergone countless surgeries due to his style of wrestling.

Wrestling careers are not designed to last forever and the same applies to Mysterio. He has been vocal the past year about his pending retirement. 

Fightful reports that Mysterio could be done with WWE come October. When Mysterio re-signed with WWE, there was a clause that he could leave after 18 months.

After taking several years off from WWE, Mysterio returned in early 2018 for a few appearances. Later, he signed a two year contract in September. 

Since returning, Mysterio has worked as a mid-card and sometimes main event wrestler. He has competed with several Latin American names, with the hope of finding his replacement.

Also, Mysterio’s son Dominick has been featured in storylines. Dominick is yet to wrestle on WWE TV, but has gotten physical in some programs. 

In recent months, fans have seen less of Dominick on WWE TV. As for Mysterio, he missed some time due to concerns over COVID-19.

Although, Mysterio is now back and taking part in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match next week. It is one of the few matches he is yet to win.

There is some belief that Mysterio’s final match will involve his son. Either they tag together or face each other.

The ending could see Mysterio finally remove his mask on WWE TV. Thus, signaling the end of his wrestling career.

AEW Bringing In On-Air Authority Figure?

AEW's Treatment Of Staff
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For decades, WWE usually has someone filling in the role of authority figure. Gorilla Monsoon, Eric Bischoff and Kurt Angle are just a few names that come to mind. 

Right now, WWE is not using authority figures on air as the McMahon family is working together. That decision was done to help increase ratings.

As for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), they have no on-air authority figure. When pressed on the issue, Cody Rhodes was not a fan of the idea.

While never shown on TV, Tony Khan is AEW President and has final say. For now, he has remained off TV and only appears during a post pay per view media scrum.

So far, Khan has received generally positive reviews working with the upstart promotion. Also, he is known to treat those around him with respect.

At the last AEW tapings, Khan wrote the several weeks of TV as it was happening due to COVID-19. He impressed many with the quality of product in such a short time with a limited roster.

In conclusion, remember Khan has only been running AEW for about a year. Any start-up business struggles to stay afloat the first year, but AEW has delivered compelling TV.

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