Jim Cornette Becky Lynch's

Becky Lynch’s pregnancy sent plenty of warming messages, but not from Jim Cornette. Also, a released superstar is giving WWE’s medical team scrutiny.

Jim Cornette Mocks Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy

This week’s RAW opened with a special announcement. Becky Lynch was pregnant and thereby relinquished her champion to Asuka.

Less that 24 hours prior, Asuka had won Money in the Bank (MITB). Everyone thought the briefcase was for a title shot, but it was actually to crown the next RAW Women’s Champion.

Tons of support came in from WWE and fans around the world. Although, Jim Cornette was not one of them.

During The Jim Cornette Experience, the the longtime wrestling personality did not understand the timing. 

Jim Cornette’s Rude Comments About Becky Lynch Being Pregnant

“You can’t always be on top of the wrestling business in a $1 million a year spot or more,” said Cornette. “But you can [have a baby] — what is she? Can she be 30? Well, still she’s got many more years before the f—ing Easy Bake Oven gets shut off.”

“She can have all those problems like a descended stomach and stretch marks and hemorrhoids and hormones problems and mood swings and all those other joys of motherhood later on when she ain’t making a million dollars a year.”

“She’s got plenty of time left. What would you do if your wife came home and said instead of making a million dollars next year I’m gonna basically just be a raging b— for the next nine months and then give you more s— to worry about around the house?”

Jim Cornette Becky Lynch's

Certainly, Lynch is at the peak of her career. She was close to a 400 day reign as champion before Monday’s announcement. 

Also, she has the honor of several historic moments such as main eventing WrestleMania 35. In addition, she was the only female superstar to make at least $1 million last year.

Fans Defend Becky Lynch

There is no word yet on what Lynch’s wrestling future holds. In a sense, she could be back inside the ring by time WrestleMania 37 rolls around.

Although, there are lots of things that can happen. Perhaps, we have seen Lynch wrestle for the final time.

WWE Medical – Scrutiny

WWE slashed it’s employees last month, cutting 40% due to COVID-19. One of the names was Rachael Ellering, who fans better know as Rachel Evers in NXT.

Ellering, who is the daughter of legendary manager Paul Ellering, recently had some issues with WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted her problems were with the WWE medical team.

In July of last year, Ellering suffered a torn ACL. She had complained about recommendations from the WWE medical staff.

As a result, WWE told her several weeks ago she had two options. No word on what the options were, but the NXT wrestler did select one.

Not long after, she was let go. Before signing with WWE in January 2019, Ellering worked both Mae Young Classic Tournaments.

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