Huge WWE Profits Revealed After Firing Spree – Fans Are Outraged!

The WWE has revealed huge profits after firing countless employees. If fans weren't angry about it before, they most certainly are now.

The WWE finds itself in hot water this month after firing up to 40% of its employees. Now, the company reports huge profits after the firing spree, outraging its once loyal fans to a whole new level.

Investors Put Their Trust In WWE

Investors continue to trust in the WWE

Despite the bankruptcy of the XFL and the WWE firing a large number of employees on Black Wednesday, investors continue to put their trust in World Wrestling Entertainment. It once again proves the heartless nature of big corporations and the investment industry.

According to Dave Meltzer, the WWE would receive a whopping $850 million in revenue even if there were zero WWE Network subscribers. Recent numbers seem to support that theory.

“If there’s zero network subscribers, which is not going to happen we’re talking about $850 million in revenue. It’s probably going to wind up being close to $1 billion, which is more than they have done in any year in the history of the company by far well not by far I mean but it’s more than last year which would’ve been the records and one year before and all that. It’s not as much as they counted on but it’s more than enough to be exceeding profitable.”

While there is uncertainty about live events, fact remains is that the WWE released numerous employees in spite of making big profits. While other businesses struggle to make ends meet, Vince McMahon is simply looking to maximize profits.

Fans Are Furious

We do not need to explain why fans are absolutely furious with the WWE at the moment. WWE fans are some of the most passionate fans in the world, so seeing established superstars released for nothing but bigger profit has caused even more outrage. 


Here are some of the reactions on social media:

We admit that the current numbers are somewhat confusing to most, but the company is clearly making a profit in 2020.

Fans wonder why the firing spree was necessary, but they are also starting to think about the heartless nature of the WWE machine.

Essential Business Controversy

WWE is essential business according to DeSantis

The big profits in the WWE are not the only factors that fans talk about at the moment. The entire “essential business” debacle fueled fans’ anger even more.

WWE is an “essential business” according to Florida, but many people believe president Donald Trump influenced the decision. Even the least smartest spark can figure out that wrestling is not an essential business in one of the worst pandemics in a hundred years!

To find out more about the “essential business” saga, simply refer to this article. But long story short, Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon’s power showed over the past couple of months.

The “essential business” debacle was also covered extensively in CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington). Just like many other media outlets, the service believes that the American president had a hand in allowing the WWE to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Claims Of Staff Being Forced To Work

WWE essential during coronavirus infection

We also mentioned this week that there were some allegations from WWE staff members, who claim they are being forced to work during the pandemic. Even though the WWE denied the allegations, the claim made it to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners.

The WWE Stinks More Than A Retired Skunk – Even Before The Firing Spree

Coronavirus infection lockdown

Let’s be honest about this situation. The pandemic exposed a really dirty picture of the WWE and his chairman Vince McMahon.

Under the guise of “sports entertainment,” the company puts their staff and the public’s life in danger. Power, money, and influence allowed the company to continue, and they are unlikely to be held to account.

Linda McMahon is a member of Trump’s cabinet and Vince plays a role in his current government. Is there a conflict of interest going all the way to the upper echelons of government?

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