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New ‘Tiger King’ Interview Reveals That Michael Jackson’s Alligators Burned Alive At Joe Exotic’s Zoo And More

Joe Exotic's first husband John Finlay told David Spade that Michael Jackson owned the alligators killed in a fire on the Netflix show "Tiger King".

Americans looking for a distraction from the coronavirus pandemic found it in the Netflix series “Tiger King”.  The unorthodox documentary style series has viewers’ jaws on the floor and social media abuzz with ingenious memes. What some people might not know is that comedian David Spade recently interviewed John Finlay, former husband of the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic. A newly made over Finlay revealed there are even stranger things that were left out of the popular Netflix documentary. By far the biggest “Tiger King” twist involves none other than pop icon Michael Jackson and the incinerated alligators.

This Netflix Series Is A Wild Ride

“Tiger King” is the train wreck we all need right now. This absolutely outrageous and unbelievable story of a gay polygamist hillbilly with hundreds of tigers who is in jail for putting out a hit on his archrival, an animal activist who he contends fed her husband to tigers, is weird enough without including Joe Exotic’s campaigns for President and Governor.

There was so much ground to cover that now a second season might be in the works as there are more stones to uncover. 

Joe Exotic’s first husband John Finlay looks a lot different than he did in the series.

For one thing, he’s wearing a shirt in his interview with David Spade. Secondly, he got new new teeth and is no longer sporting meth mouth.

Plus this shirtless wonder is getting married again. This time to a woman! Finlay has completely changed his life around after putting Joe Exotic in his rearview mirror. 

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Michael Jackson’s “Tiger King” Alligator Connection

“Tiger King” is packed full of so many crazy twists and turns that they had to leave out some really weird stuff. If you watched it and thought it couldn’t get any weirder, buckle up!

Joe Exotic’s first husband John told David Spade that the alligators killed in the studio fire which destroy crucial files and video footage at the Oklahoma Zoo belonged to Michael Jackson.

That’s right folks. This “Tiger King” documentary had so much crazy to cover that Michael Jackson being the owner of the alligators burned alive hit the cutting room floor. Can you believe that?

The Los Angeles Times backed this account up in a 2015 article:

The late pop star’s seven alligators and a crocodile died in the March 26 blaze that also destroyed a video production studio at Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Okla., said owner Joe Schreibvogel.

John even explained something that those us who watched have all been wondering.

It was kind of hard to miss that, in every one of the seven episodes, John never wore a shirt. His “attire” added to the strange hillbilly appeal and it made him memorable as more than just a straight man who was seduced by a gay Tiger King with meth. 

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This interview is as bizarre and interesting as you might imagine.You can watch the must-see video of it below. 

Americans can’t seem to get enough of  “Tiger King” on Netflix and there might be more to come.

There is just so much more to dig into in this story, especially when it comes to Carole Baskin, that producers believe the might have to make a second season

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