For Once, Harvey Korman Makes Tim Conway Break Character

carol burnett show jaws
Screenshot: Mike Rogers YouTube

In 1975, Americans were captivated by Jaws. We flocked to the theaters to see the movie that made many of us reconsider returning to the beach. “The Carol Burnett Show” picked up on the success of the movie with a skit about a shark living in the sewer in what might be one of the best of this long-running show.

It was so funny that Tim Conway couldn’t keep it together and busted out laughing!

Carol Burnett Show Tackles Jaws

In addition to creating hilarious and silly skits, Carol would also make some current pop culture references on her beloved sketch comedy show. So, it wasn’t a surprise when they tackled Jaws, but the way they did it was very memorable

The sewer shark was terrorizing the town. Unsuspecting people were being attacked in their bathtubs and showers.

Bathrooms were no longer a safe place to be. Then Harvey Korman teamed up with Vicki Lawrence and Conway to catch the beast.

With a toilet tank strapped to his back, Korman was able to handle the shark problem by using Conway as bait and with Vicki Lawrence’s dynamite.

Tim Conway Couldn’t Keep It Together

Conway typically had Korman losing his composure by laughing, but Harvey’s performance was so spot on that Tim Conway was the one biting his lip so he didn’t lose it.

This is a rare performance as Harvey was able to turn the tables on Tim. But, Conway gets revenge in the final seconds of the skit!

If you loved watching “The Carol Burnett Show,” you will enjoy the video below!

The Carol Burnett Show” provided us with family-friendly laughs for 11 seasons.

The humor was clean enough for children but was hysterical and enjoyable for adults to enjoy.

This skit is proof of that. There was no foul or inappropriate language. It was pure comedy and something that many of us miss on television today!