WWE Superstars Not Being Paid?, Wrestlers Refuse To Attend Tapings

Due to the coronavirus, wrestlers are refusing to attend tapings. Also, some WWE superstars might not be getting paid since they are private contractors.

Wrestlers Refuse To Attend Tapings

The coronavirus has caused many places to close and sporting events have been suspended. One of the few companies still airing new content each week on TV are WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Both promotions have been forced to cease travel and are airing their shows from a remote location. 

For WWE, they are using their Performance Center in Florida. For over a week now, they been airing RAW, SmackDown and NXT from the Performance Center with no fans and the amount of talent is limited. At the same time, lots of talent have decided to self-quarantine. So far, no wrestlers have tested positive. But, these companies are not testing specifically for the virus; only checking to see if their talent is generally ill.

WWE And AEW Allowing Talent To Use Telecommunications

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how WWE and AEW are not forcing talent to be in attendance. WWE has been relying heavily on telecommunications such as Skype. He used SmackDown as an example, with Paige not being present for her segment with Bayley and Sasha Banks

“There have been other people not willing to come and WWE has been — both companies have been really good about it,” said Meltzer. “It’s like ‘You’re not willing to come, fine, no problem.’ So they did the tape thing.”

WWE will be busy this week. They have decided to tape all their episodes of TV from now until WrestleMania 36. That process started as of yesterday. That includes WrestleMania 36, which will be broken up into two days. As for the WWE Hall of Fame and NXT Takeover Tampa, they are cancelled. There is a good possibility WWE will rebook those events in several months from now.

There is also concern for wrestlers that live outside of the United States due to travel bans. Brock Lesnar lives in Canada and we will have to see if WWE can brining him in for their tapings and/or WrestleMania 36.

WWE Superstars Not Being Paid?

WWE Superstars Not Paid?
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As mentioned above, WWE and AEW have to limit the number of people at their tapings. This is being done to help control the coronavirus and certain states have rules in place about how many people can gather in one area. 

Braun Strowman was asked on Twitter if he is getting paid less because he is not appearing on TV. He mentioned that he is a private contractor and is not getting paid at the moment.

Usually wrestlers have downside guarantees in their contracts. So, we are not sure why Strowman is not getting paid. As of now, Strowman is the only one to openly speak up about not getting paid.

Social media had a mixed reaction to Strowman’s situation. 

In conclusion, the world is in a tough spot. Some athletes want to compete, while others want to stay home until this coronavirus pandemic is resolved.

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