10 must-see documentaries on the WWE Network

Many people find themselves stuck in their homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While it is a little boring, it is also the perfect time to look at some of the WWE’s documentaries. If you need some entertainment, why not check out these 10 must-see documentaries on the WWE Network?

You don’t even have to spend any money, because these docu series are now available for free!

1. Heartbreak & Triumph – The Shawn Michaels Story

10 must-see documentaries on the WWE Network

Made back in 2007, this documentary is the start of your lockdown journey. It tells the story of Shawn Michaels and his journey within the world of wrestling. 

Even though this documentary was recorded before his retirement in 2010, there is plenty to discover. Shawn talks about Marty Jannetty, the Montreal Screwjob, his knee surgery, religion, D-Generation X and loads more. In other words, well-worth a watch.

2. You Think You Know Me? – The Edge Documentary

10 must-see WWE documentaries

Edge recently returned to wrestling, so it is the perfect time for an Edge documentary. The “You Think You Know Me?” documentary was filmed in 2012, and it looks at a more personal side of the WWE superstar.

The documentary also focuses on Edge’s career including the time when he formed a tag team with Christian. It also includes his return after neck surgery in 2004 and his off-screen relationship with Lita. 

3. The John Cena Experience

The John Cena Experience on the WWE Network

This documentary is different from the two previous suggestions. It does not provide an in-depth look at John’s career, but follows John Cena during various events throughout his career.

You may wonder why you should watch this documentary.

Well, it shows the life of John Cena as a WWE superstar. As this documentary was filmed in 2012, it also includes some historical events where John Cena was present.

If you are a bit of a Cena fan, then this is an absolute essential documentary to add to your coronavirus lockdown list.

4. CM Punk – Best In The World

Best in the world documentary

The CM Punk documentary, filmed in 2013, is one of the most popular documentaries on the network. Interestingly, this documentary was filmed one year before Punk’s controversial departure from the WWE.

CM Punk: Best In The World” covers almost every little aspect of the man that is CM Punk.

It takes a look at Punk’s childhood, but also his time in indie promotions such as Ring of Honor.

The documentary also covers some iconic moments in his career including his relationship with Paul Heyman and his Money in the Bank win in 2011.

5. The Rise and Fall of ECW

The rise and fall of ECW

Before I continue, I must mention that there are several documentaries on ECW on the WWE Network. However, this is the most interesting one for me. It is also the most elaborate.

“The Rise and Fall of ECW” was  filmed in 2004, so it is not as new. That being said, it is a fascinating watch for anyone who experienced ECW in its heyday. It is also interesting for younger fans, who want to know what ECW is all about. 

After watching this documentary, you can follow it up with “The Authentic Untold Story of ECW.” While this mainly consists of conversations and is considerably shorter, it supplements “The Rise and Fall of ECW” perfectly.

6. Living On A Razor’s Edge

WWE documentaries

Those who don’t mind experiencing some of the darker sides of the wrestling world should certainly watch “Living on a Razor’s Edge.” The documentary looks at the life and career of Razor Ramon.

Razor Ramon experienced a lot during his life. He killed someone in self-defence at the young age of 24, struggled with severe addictions, and other life struggles. Fortunately, Diamond Dallas Page came to his rescue. Be sure to keep your tissues on hand to wipe up the tears during this documentary.

7. Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living

DDP documentary

Once you are finished with “Living on a Razor’s Edge,” you can move onto this documentary. “Positively Living” was filmed in 2017 and gives you a full overview of the career of DDP a.k.a. Diamond Dallas Page.

DDP had one of the most interesting careers. He started training as a wrestler at the age of 35. Many believed DDP would not make it in the industry. But they were wrong.

In addition to his wrestling career, the documentary also covers DDP Yoga. DDP Yoga is an exercise program developed by the wrestling veteran. I’ve tried it myself and still do it to this day. So, I can personally recommend the DDP Yoga program.

8. Andre The Giant

Andre The Giant Documentary

This documentary about Andre The Giant was filmed in 2018. Out of all the documentaries mentioned today, this is the one I found the hardest to watch. In fact, it changed my viewpoint of Andre The Giant forever.

The docu on Andre The Giant covers his wrestling career, but it also looks at more controversial subjects. Most people already know that Andre was always in a lot of pain. It eventually led to drinking problems, which are also covered in the documentary.

Andre died at the young age of 46 in a hotel room in Paris. He died from congestive heart failure, giving this entire documentary a really sad and tragic undertone. 

9. Chasing The Magic: The Nigel McGuinness Story

Chasing the Magic

While many regular WWE Network watchers will have watched most documentaries in this overview, not many have checked out this one. Like some of the other documentaries, there is a lot of tragedy going throughout the docu. However, this one does come with a happy ending.

The documentary looks at the life and career of NXT commentator Nigel. It shows how his wrestling career got destroyed due to an injury and hepatitis B.

However, it also showed how he pulled himself out of the darkness and became a celebrated WWE commentator.

10. A Future WWE: The FCW Story

The FCW Story

This documentary was only released this year, so it is likely you haven’t seen it yet. “A Future WWE: The FCW Story” looks at Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s former developmental program.

Interestingly, you will see a lot of familiar faces during this docu. The Bella Twins, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and other superstars all passed through FCW before making it to the main roster.

Hope you enjoy the aforementioned documentaries. If there are others you recommend, please share them in the comments.

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