Revival Gets Final Offer

The Revival have been in the news a lot over the past year, as their contract has been a point of contention. We have written so much about them in fact, we feel like we find ourselves in a time loop. However, this could all end very soon, as it has been revealed the WWE are giving the popular tag team a final offer.

Scott Dawson And Dash Wilder Get Final Contract Offer From WWE

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Tom Colohue from Sportskeeda claims that The Revival will be made a final offer around the $1 million mark in a bid to keep the popular tag team in the company. If this offer is refused, the pair will most likely leave the WWE for greener pastures. In other words, we could see them at AEW soon.

Based on their social media statements, the money is not that important to either member of The Revival. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are looking for creative control. This is not unusual when you consider how the tag team has been used. As far as we know, the only man who got some creative freedom in the past couple of years is Matt Hardy. When he brought back his Broken gimmick to the WWE, he retained the rights to it as well as subsequent storylines. Nevertheless, creative control has not done him as many favors as first expected. Hardy’s appearances have been few and far in between. The same could happen to The Revival if they decide to stay.

WWE’s Ailing Tag Team Division

WWE's tag team division is suffering

One of The Revival’s biggest problems is the ailing tag team division. According to sources, it is the main reason why they have turned down many offers from the WWE. The Revival thinks the WWE does not value its tag team division. When we look at the evidence over the past five years, we cannot say we disagree.

As it stands, both the women’s and men’s tag team divisions are seriously underplayed. The titles mean very little in terms of overall prestige. In fact, many tag matches have been doomed to the pre-show of pay-per-views. And even worse, sometimes they aren’t featured at all! You could almost compare it to the Intercontinental Championship, which is almost completely forgotten.

There are many reasons why The Revival might want to leave, and you can’t really blame them for it. Nevertheless, Booker T responded some time ago with advice. He thinks the pair should take the money, and many of us would agree with that, too. After all, many of us can only dream of making that amount of money in this economic climate. Still, if money is no object for the pair, they can afford to stand on principle.

Since The Revival’s contract is nearly up, and the WWE is on its last offer, we are bound to hear something about this soon. Whether they stay or go, I have no doubt there will be repercussions for The Revival as well as the rest of the WWE tag team division.

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