Video: Leftists Attack College Republicans Then Spit On The Flag

Video of leftists attacking College Republicans at the University of California Santa Cruz has gone viral in hopes that the aggressors will be charged.

Video of leftists attacking College Republicans at the University of California Santa Cruz has gone viral, and hopefully there will be repercussions for these political terrorists. The now viral video shows two men losing their minds at a College Republicans tent. Not only do they lash out physically at the conservatives, but they also tear down and rip up the signs before finally spitting on the Betsy Ross American flag!

College Conservatives Under Attack

College Republicans are under attack around the country. Leftists infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome appear to be ruling college campuses.

These extreme liberals don’t believe anyone else should think differently than them. They want groupthink and become offended and enraged when anyone disagrees with them.

We’ve seen this throughout the country with Antifa protests and assaults. And now there is video of it happening at UCSC.

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Ironically, the College Republicans event was billed as “Free Speech and Campus Activism”.

But, the TDS infected leftists obviously don’t believe in free speech. Instead, they opt to assault people who don’t subscribe to their extreme liberal principles.

Conservative Assaulted At Berkeley Before UCSC

Conservative activist Hayden Williams was on the left coast campus for a UCSC College Republicans event.

This is the same Republican activist who was on stage with President Trump last year at CPAC after being attacked on Berkeley’s campus in early 2019. The Berkeley assault against the Leadership Institute representative resulted in 3 felony charges filed against the man who punched Williams twice. Full story: Conservative College Student Sucker Punched By Liberal

Now, Williams finds himself the victim of leftist aggression again at UCSC.

From PJ Media:

In the video, a protester grabs on to an American flag Williams was holding and shouts, “I think this guy’s trying to assault me.” As Williams tries to wrest the flag from his grasp, the two slam into the College Republicans booth. Williams prevails, but then the protester stands up and pulls the College Republicans sign from the booth, proceeding to rip the sign and spit on another American flag as he walks away.

Williams told the Examiner that the protester was attacking “the UCSC College Republicans’ property as well as desecrating the flag. I was holding a Trump 2020 flag, the assailant grabbed it, pulled the flag towards themselves, and then pushed me down into a large formation of jagged rocks. I was still holding the flag when struck, and when I hit the ground.”

When the protesters left, Tempe followed them until campus police arrived.

“I am scared for my physical safety as I see Hayden’s assault as an escalation of this effort to harass and intimidate me and members of the UCSC College Republicans,” Tempe told the Examiner. He said he intended to press charges for property damage, and Williams said he planned to press charges for assault.

Hayden Williams Tweets UCSC Assault Video

Williams himself tweeted out video of the University of California Santa Cruz assault. You can watch it below.

Since the incident, the campus’s director of news and media relations provided an update. Scott Hernandez-Jason reports that campus police are investigating the incident.

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