A chilling video is going viral showing the moment an alleged leftist and LGBT activist at California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento State) assaulted a black conservative student while shouting, “you’re going to end up f***ing dead.”

Liberal Assaults Black College Conservative

The video shows a confrontation between two Sacramento State students, alleged LGBT activist Keaton Hill and black conservative student Floyd Johnson II. Johnson is the former president of the school’s College Republicans student group.

In the video, Hill can be seen striking Johnson before shouting, “you’re going to end up f***ing dead.”

The disturbing scene unfolds with an attack which seems to come out of nowhere from Hill.

“There’s nothing wrong with this,” Johnson said. “What have I done?”

“You’re harassing me,” Hill replied as he lunged at the conservative.

“That is not okay,” exclaimed Johnson.

Hill then tried to walk away, but Johnson wasn’t having it.

“You cannot do that,” continued Johnson as he followed Hill. “That is battery. That is assault.”

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Police Called To Scene

Hill responded by turning around and lunging at Johnson again, hitting him in the process.

“Motherf*****,” screamed Hill as someone appeared to hold him back to stop him from attacking the conservative student again. “You’re going to end up fucking dead.”

“You’re going to end up f***ing dead,” Hill shouted as he broke free and hit Johnson for a third time.

Police soon arrived on the scene, at which time both Johnson and Hill claimed to have filed reports. Hill later reportedly apologized “for lunging at Floyd’s phone,” but insisted his attack “was not without provocation.”

“I am deeply disturbed and appalled to learn that there was a fistfight on campus today between students,” Sacramento State University President Robert Nelsen said in a statement. “Today’s incident in no way reflects Sacramento State’s values. Violence on our campus will not be tolerated.”

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Hill Has Assaulted Conservatives Before

Johnson said afterwards that this is not the first time Hill has been caught on camera attacking conservative students. A video from this past March shows Hill engaging in a similar situation.

Johnson Reveals Why The Fight Happened

Johnson explained that the latest assault occurred after Hill wrote a negative comment on Facebook about a pro-life article, as well as a reference to a friend’s child who is battling cancer.

“That article is a bunch of biased crap,” Hill allegedly commented. “I hope that kid on your page dies of whatever cancer they have.”

“I then commented that I noticed that he was in my class and how it was detestable to wish death on a someone,” Johnson said.

Johnson added that Hill cursed at him the next day in class, and he replied by telling him “not to talk to my friends like that,” in reference to Hill’s social media post.

“And that’s where the recording picks up,” said Johnson. “After the video a witness told me and the police officer making the report that he called me an ‘Uncle Tom.’”

Conservatives Under Assault

Liberals constantly try to make it look like conservatives are violent and deranged. But, videos like this serve as a reminder that leftists are the real dangers to society these days.

Of course, the media is ignoring this video because it does not fit their narrative that Trump supporters are evil lunatics.

And so it’s up to us to spread this video far and wide so we can expose liberals as the unhinged nutcases that they are!

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