A conservative activist who was brutally assaulted on his college campus at University of California-Berkeley gave an interview to Sean Hannity last night in which he opened up about being attacked by a liberal.

Fox News reported that Hayden Williams still had a black eye when he explained to Hannity that he was assaulted on Tuesday while recruiting for the conservative group Turning Point USA. Suddenly, a man approached the table aggressively and expressed anger over a sign the conservatives had that read, “Hate Crime Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims.” The sign referred to “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, who was arrested yesterday for reporting a false hate crime and claiming that he had been assaulted by supporters of Donald Trump.

“This person claimed we were promoting violence on campus and proceeded to take his aggression out on us,” Williams said.

Disturbing video footage shows the man cursing at Williams and even threatening to shoot him.

“I feared for my own safety so I started to record at that moment,” Williams said, adding that the leftwing attacker knocked the phone out of his hand. Thankfully, a bystander managed to get the confrontation on camera.

Williams explained that he “absolutely” has evidence that he did nothing to provoke the assault, and police are currently searching for the attackers who assaulted him. Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones pointed out that this kind of assault is unfortunately not a surprise coming from a school like U.C. Berkeley.

“This is not new for UC-Berkeley,” Jones said. “This is a school that has been burnt down almost, because they don’t like the conservative point of view on the college campus.”

Media only covers hate crimes against liberals

Can you imagine what would be happening if a video like the one above showed a MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporter sucker punching a liberal? It would be all over the mainstream media and we would be hearing about it nonstop for weeks. Since a conservative was the victim of this hate crime, however, the media has completely ignored it because it does not fit their narrative of Trump supporters being violent and dangerous lunatics.

The leftist media is desperate to paint Trump supporters as dangerous because they want liberals, especially leftwing minorities, to feel unsafe going into the 2020 election. They are hoping that this sense of fear they are spreading among the left will actually inspire young Democrats to go out and vote for a change. It’s despicable that they are blatantly dividing our country further and putting the lives of young conservatives in jeopardy just to garner votes for themselves in the next presidential election.

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