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college professor supports murder
September 10, 2020
A University of Rhode Island History Professor is defending the apparent political murder of Aaron "Jay" Danielson in Portland, Oregon.
Black Lives Matter University of Southern Maine pledge
August 13, 2020
University of Southern Maine asked students and staff to sign a Black Lives Matter and antiracism pledge that the college…
Marquette university freshman Samantha Pfefferle admissions Trump TikTok video
July 8, 2020
An incoming freshman at Marquette University was questioned by the Admissions Office and threatened after posting a supporting video of…
Leftist assault College Republican Hayden Williams at UCSC
February 14, 2020
Video of leftists attacking College Republicans at the University of California Santa Cruz has gone viral in hopes that the…
Hanoi Jane Fonda
February 11, 2020
Kent State University has rolled out the red carpet for Jane Fonda. The Traitor of Tinseltown will be speaking about…
February 5, 2020
College students were quick to judge President Trump for his supposed SOTU quotes until they learned these things were all…
College Medicare For All Cabot Phillips Campus Reform
December 16, 2019
Campus Reform asked college students about 'Medicare for All' who were all in favor of Bernie Sanders' radical plan until…
Texas State Rebecca Bell-Metereau
December 13, 2019
A college English professor is caught on audio making derogatory comments about Donald Trump. In a quiz, she also compares…
College students "decolonize" Thanksgiving dinner racist liberals brainwashsing
November 25, 2019
Students at a Pennsylvania college are being taught they need to "decolonize" and change their family's Thanksgiving dinner.
Christian privilege
April 3, 2018
George Washington University is hosting a conference to combat Christian privilege. These left-wing academics also are targeting Christians of one…