Alexa Bliss WWE Women's Tag Team Belt

Alexa Bliss wants to regain the WWE Women’s Championship belt alongside her bestie Nikki Cross. The pair have been champions before and are looking to be again.

In a recent interview, Alexa revealed that she would love more attention on the WWE Women’s Tag Team belt. Here is what the multiple time women’s champion had to say.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Belt Needs More Attention

WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

During an interview with MetroAlexa revealed that she would to take the tag team titles again. If you remember, Lexie captured the title before alongside her bestie Nikki Cross.

“I would love for us to go for the tag team championships again. We’re establishing the women’s tag division still, and there’s no better place to showcase the titles than at WrestleMania!”

She also stated that the women’s division is packed with talented women. Yet, she believes the belt is not getting enough attention. During the interview, she attributes it to the titles being new.

No Attention On The Tag Team Division

WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

While we agree with Lexie that there is not enough attention on the WWE Women’s Tag Team belt, we don’t think it’s because the title is new. In fact, we think that there is a problem with the division overall.

When you look at the past year, it is clear there has been little to no attention on the tag teams. It’s even made The Revival think about leaving the company. Both the male and female tag team division is lifeless, so the WWE needs to do more than just pay attention to the women’s belt.

Nikki And Alexa Brought More Attention To The Titles

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

When Alexa and Nikki were the tag team champions, they brought a lot of attention to the titles. There is a certain chemistry between Alexa and Nikki, and that reflected on the titles as well. In other words, putting the titles back on them would be a brilliant idea. Of course, the company would have to get some decent bookings for them for the titles to truly shine.

Being the tag team champion again would have benefits for Alexa individually. As reported earlier, the WWE has concerned about Alexa Bliss’ career, as they worry she gets injured often. In the tag team division, some of the brunt can be taken by the other party. Therefore, it could lengthen the career of the Goddess substantially.

There is another formidable tag team in the form of The Kabuki Warriors. So, a feud between the two tag teams could bring some much needed attention to the division. It could even be used to build the women’s tag team division. However, since the WWE is not even paying attention to men’s division, there’s little hope for the women’s division.

For the women’s tag team division to truly succeed, the WWE needs to start focusing on the tag team division as a whole.

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