Will Matt Hardy Take The Broken Universe To AEW?

As the contract of Matt Hardy is coming to an end, many are wondering what is next for the Broken Universe. Will he take his gimmick to AEW?

When Matt Hardy returned to the WWE, he originally received a big push. After an amazing feud with Bray Wyatt, the gimmick died a slow death.

Now, fans are wondering if Matt will re-sign with the WWE, or if he will take his Broken Universe to AEW.

The Broken Universe Could Be Gone From WWE In Two Months

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy’s contract with the WWE expires in two months. There has been no news about Hardy signing a new contract, so speculation is rampant!

Before Hardy returned to the WWE, the Broken Universe was a big hit on Impact Wrestling. Hardy eventually got disgruntled with his contract at Impact and decided to go back to the WWE. And, he took his gimmick with him.

Hardy owns the Broken Universe gimmick and can take it anywhere he pleases. If AEW gives him the opportunity to shine with the Broken Universe once more, he could be a serious threat to the WWE.

The lacklustre return of Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff has mainly bothered fans who witnessed the Attitude Era. It has not gone down well with fans who follow the indies either, especially given the large-scale success of the gimmick. So, it would not be unheard of for Hardy to take his gimmick and character elsewhere.

Indications Hardy May Indeed Leave

Matt Hardy
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When his contract was due to expire in 2019, Matt Hardy mentioned that he would be okay to wrestle outside the WWE. Still, to everyone’s surprise, he ended up signing with the company for another year.

Unfortunately, Matt Hardy was hardly used throughout the year, leaving fans wondering about his imminent departure.

Fans were speculating recently about a potential move for Matt to AEW. Matt himself even responded and mentioned that he owns all the rights to the Broken gimmick. This response is interesting to say the least.

The lovely thing about Matt Hardy is that he does not make secret switches. People usually know where he intends to go. So, if he is heading to AEW, we are sure we will hear it from him first on social media.

The Benefit Of The Broken Universe On AEW

Broken Universe

Let’s be honest, I seriously dislike how little the Broken gimmick has been used in the WWE since Matt’s arrival. Fans loved the entire gimmick, yet the WWE seemed uninterested in continuing with it. It was silly, it was creative, it was WONDERFUL. So, why waste something so great?

Heading over to AEW gives Matt a big platform to regrow his Broken Universe. If he gets creative freedom, it could mean serious competition for the WWE and this is exactly what needs to happen. I want to see the Broken gimmick again and I don’t mind heading over to AEW for it. So, part of me hopes this will be the case.

On the bright side, we will not have to wait too long to get an answer to our questions. After all, Matt’s contract runs out in approximately eight weeks, so we should hear something from the Matt Hardy camp shortly.

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