Matt Hardy To AEW Once WWE Run Ends? + Mustafa Ali Reveals Possible Hate

Matt Hardy To AEW Once WWE Run Ends? + Mustafa Ali Reveals Possible Hate

Could Matt Hardy Head To AEW Following Current WWE Run?

Matt Hardy To AEW Once WWE Run Ends? + Mustafa Ali Reveals Possible Hate

WWE fans have not seen much of Matt Hardy lately. Both Matt and his brother Jeff have been mostly off television recently, actually. Matt did just recently return before the end of the year, but he has been playing the role of glorified jobber.

Outside of WWE Television, however, it seems Hardy is returning to his Broken Matt persona. He has also intimated that his current WWE contract runs out in just a few months. This timing makes sense, considering the Hardys both returned at WrestleMania a few years ago.

So where might Hardy head, if he is indeed not long for WWE?

A Superstar with his resume surely can go pretty much wherever he would like. There’s one place that he has certainly never gone before, however. That is AEW, and it’s entirely possible that the year-old promotion is setting up a slot just for Broken Matt Hardy. Per Wrestling Observer, this one may make sense.

Why AEW?

The company has a bizarre new stable, known as The Dark Order. Toward the tail end of 2019, the group made mention of taking orders from someone known as The Exalted One. Thus far, no one has taken on that persona. Speculation has turned to Matt Hardy and his Broken ways.

It is worth pointing out a couple things. First, if that is the hope, that means we would have to wait a long stretch before any reveal. If Hardy’s contract expires in April, generally speaking there is also a non-compete at the end of the expiration. Barring some unexpected developments, Hardy probably would not be free to show up for AEW until basically the summer of 2020. Would anyone want to keep The Exalted One’s identity a mystery for six more months?

Another name to consider in the interim? Recently released Luke Harper, also known as Brodie Lee. The former Harper already has his non-compete clock ticking, meaning he’d be available a lot sooner. Lee, from his time as part of The Wyatt Family, is no stranger to bizarre characters.

Mustafa Ali Reveals Possible Hatred From Questionable Meme

Mustafa Ali was one of the better stories in 2019. The former 205 Live talent got brought up to the main roster early in the year and continually impressed veteran Superstars. The impressive display turned into a full-time main roster spot. It also gave him some big opportunities, though his momentum was derailed due to an injury.

The big opportunities also gave Ali a bigger platform to speak from, and he has used it to spread positive messages whenever he can. He also works to ensure people are not targeting hate toward Muslims such as himself.

Recently, Ali received and shared a meme of questionable taste:

The implication apparently was that Ali would commit an act of violence when the countdown ended. Ali himself said it was implied that he would bomb the place.

Had the meme not singled out Ali, it could have easily been a shot at WWE for the concern that Roman Reigns is rumored to once again win the Royal Rumble. If that was the intent, it’s creator failed miserably. If the intent was fueled by hate, then it deserves the condemnation coming its way.