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Talk MJF Turning Face
October 31, 2022
There is some talk of MJF turning face, but will AEW actually make it happen? And, Matt Hardy is teasing the return of his ‘Broken’ gimmick.
Rock's Daughter Surgery
September 13, 2020
The Rock’s daugher will be undergoing surgery in the next 24 hours. And. a big name company has offered Brock Lesnar a fight.
why Matt Hardy has not used his broken character
Matt Hardy’s broken character has not been seen on AEW consistently and many fans wonder why. He has now answered this question!
Matt Hardy's drowning pool caused controversy during AEW's Double or Nothing
AEW’s Double or Nothing included a controversial spot, which had many fans talking. But what was it about the pool that upset some fans?
Matt Hardy
January 15, 2020
As the contract of Matt Hardy is coming to an end, many are wondering what is next for the Broken Universe. Will he take his gimmick to AEW?