Matt Hardy Teases Move

Matt Hardy’s WWE Contract Ending Within Months

Shortly after WrestleMania 35, Jeff Hardy went down with a knee injury and that resulted in Matt Hardy also being removed from TV. Then this past Monday, Matt returned on RAW in a losing effort to Buddy Murphy. 

As for Matt’s WWE future, his contract is set to expire in February. According to PWInsider, both sides are talking with a major point being the direction of Matt’s character. 

It was noted that the financial aspect is not the biggest hurdle as both sides seem to be on the same page. Although, the final decision might come down to how the eldest Hardy is used.

After leaving WWE, Matt reinvented himself with the “Broken” gimmick. Upon returning to WWE, he would eventually return to the gimmick; now being called “Woken.” In recent weeks, Matt has been uploading YouTube videos that are teasing a return to the popular gimmick.

As for Jeff, he is still out recovery from injury. While away, he got a DUI, which can be added to his long list of legal issues. There is no word on when Jeff will return to WWE. 

Of course, there is always the possibly that All Elite Wrestling would bring The Hardy Boyz in once their WWE contracts expire.  

Tyson Fury Wants To Flatten Brock Lesnar

Tyson Fury

There has recently been an increase in athletes from pro wrestling, MMA and boxing crossing over. One of those names is none of other than heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. 

Now, Fury is calling out WWE’s Brock Lesnar for fight; whether scripted or not. While on the True Geordie Podcast, Fury made it clear that Lesnar was an easy task.

“I fancy a fight with Brock, for sure,” said Fury. “I watched a few of his fights. [Lesnar’s] pretty handy, but I can flatten him. In a WWE match or in a proper fight, I can flatten Brock Lesnar in 30 seconds.”

The odd of those two competing at least once inside a WWE ring are not far fetched. In October, Fury worked an angle with Braun Strowman that culminated at Crown Jewel. Fury earned the victory via count and later that week the two former opponents easily disposed of The B-Team.

If WWE was to put the match together, they would likely wait until WrestleMania. It would be one of the biggest boxing stars of today’s generation against Lesnar; who has shown the ability to be competitive in any environment.

But, Fury vs. Deontay Wilder in a rematch from their 2018 classic is currently being looked at for the first quarter of 2020. After that, do not be surprised if WWE tries to book Fury for another match.

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