RAW Overrun Returning? + Changes To WWE Live Events

RAW Overrun Returning?

On Monday, RAW had an overrun and some are wondering if the concept will return. Also, Paul Heyman is seeking changes to WWE live events.

RAW Overran’s Returning?

RAW Overrun Returning?

The final RAW of 2019 has done something not seen in several months. The episode ran an extra 10 minutes, ending at around 11:10 PM EST.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned how the overrun was discussed with USA Network officials and will not be a regular occurrence moving forward. But, the additional time did see an increase in viewers.

The final segment on RAW was supposed to be the wedding between Lana and Bobby Lashley. Like almost every wedding in wrestling, things did go smoothly. There were several objections, including the return of Liv Morgan; who, then confessed her love for Lana. Rusev then popped out of a cake and that was enough to end the wedding.

While some people were questioning the entire segment, social media was buzzing and YouTube clips have surpassed 3 million views. While Vince McMahon had final say, RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman clearly played a major role.

As you can see, there was a mixed review of reaction by fans. Some though the angle was drawn out too long and others thought it worked. Seeing how the ratings went up in a significant way, WWE has to be pleased.

Changes To WWE Live Events

Speaking of Paul Heyman, he wants more attention given to WWE live events. Typically, live events do not see anything major occur. Although, that has been changing and the pattern could be changing.


Meltzer continued how Heyman wants to give live events a fresh feeling. This would include Andrade winning the United States Championship from Rey Mysterio at Madison Square Garden and the injury angle with Randy Orton.

Like the wedding videos, Orton’s trick on AJ Styles has seen a large number of viewers. For anyone who missed RAW, Orton faked that he would be out indefinitely after suffering a knee injury the day prior. It was a trap and Orton left Styles on the mat with an RKO.

With so much content to fill and only a handful of TV hours, look for WWE to start bringing value back to live events. Also, this would hopefully see an increase in attendance, which has been low.