Vince Russo’s Offer To AEW, Reaction To New United States Champion

Vince Russo seems to want to get involved with AEW, but does the young promotion want or need him? Plus, fan reactions to the new US Champion, Andrade.

Does Vince Russo Want A Job With AEW?

The former WWE and WCW creative leader may be championing to join Cody Rhodes and friends with All Elite Wrestling.

Except, Russo says “he’s not looking for a job”

Now, while Russo says he’s not interested in a job, what else would you call that?

He’s offering to help AEW, but does AEW really want or need his help? In the grand scheme of things, Russo hasn’t been relevant or instrumental in successful wrestling in a long time.

With All Elite aiming to be new and fresh and everything WWE is not or will not be, it would seem they’d probably continue to steer clear of someone like Russo.

Fans React To New United States Champion Being Crowned

new united states champion
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It isn’t every day that we see a major title change hands during a house show. Even at Madison Square Garden, it’s still just a house show.

However, last night at MSG saw Andrade beat Rey Mysterio cleanly, becoming the new United States Champion.

For Andrade, the former NXT Champion, the win and title was a long time in the making. Perhaps some will say it was overdue, while I might argue that it is a big win that deserved to happen in front of a live RAW audience (or, a PPV).

Regardless, Andrade is the new WWE United States Champion, and fan reactions have been impressive.

Andrade’s Girlfriend Charlotte Flair And Others chime In

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