WWE matches for Edge

The Rated R Superstar, Edge, is officially back as an active wrestler! Since we couldn’t be any more excited about it, we decided to look at some future WWE matches for Edge. Which feuds should be added to his schedule?

Our Top Choice Of Possible WWE Matches For Edge: Johnny Gargano Versus The Rated R Superstar

Possible feuds - Johnny Gargano

This is one of our personal dream matches, as we are still of the opinion that Gargano is the biggest talent the company has seen over the past decade. Even though Gargano is in NXT, I’m hoping the WWE finds time to make this feud happen at one point.

Gargano had some of the most unforgettable feuds in WWE history. From his epic clash with former tag team partner Tommaso Ciampa to his championship feud with Adam Cole. They are all on the top of our list.

AJ Styles Versus The Rated R Superstar Already In The Making?

Could the Rated R Superstar Face AJ Styles in the WWE?

This match could already be in the making. Remember, when Edge made his return at the Royal Rumble, AJ Styles got injured after suffering a spear at the hands of the Rated R Superstar. In other other words, this is great fuel for a feud. WWE writers do not even have to do anything!

Edge Versus Aleister Black? Yes, Please!

Could we see Aleister Black versus Edge in the WWE?

If we have to choose a relatively new talent on the main roster to face Edge, it would have to be Aleister Black. He just had one of the best feuds with Buddy Murphy. He’s also gaining a massive following on the main roster and has been a massive success on NXT too. It is no wonder that WWE brass are giving him a massive push.

The only problem with this potential feud is that it could endanger Aleister Black’s popularity. After all, you do not take on a WWE legend without consequences. So, if this feud happens, it needs to be done carefully.

Main Event Worthy WWE Matches For Edge – Drew McIntyre Versus The Rated R Superstar

main event worthy matches - Drew McIntyre

We also need to think about some main event worthy WWE matches for Edge. There are several possibilities on all the rosters at the moment, but one of our personal favorites is Drew McIntyre.

It has been a big year for Drew McIntyre. He started out as being one of the members in Shane McMahon’s corner and ended up winning the Royal Rumble last Sunday. Many fans were happy to see McIntyre rise to the occasion, and there could be a legendary match in his nearby future.

Evidently, McIntyre will be focused on getting a championship at WrestleMania. Unless Edge gets crowned champion in the nearby future, the match will not happen. That being said, it does not mean that this feud will not happen after WrestleMania.

The Scariest Of Potential WWE Matches For Edge – The Fiend?

Scariest of the potential WWE matches for Edge - The Fiend

A clash between The Fiend and Edge is something many people would like to see in the WWE. There is a minor problem with this potential feud though, as both wrestlers are currently on different brands, since The Fiend is on SmackDown and Edge on Raw. That being said, it hasn’t stopped the WWE before.

The Fiend has left a path of destruction in the company since his return. Not only did he go through the likes of Seth Rollins, he also got through Daniel Bryan and other big superstars.

Inevitable Feud – Edge Versus Seth Rollins

Inevitable matches for Edge - Seth Rollins

Edge and the current “Monday Night Messiah” have bumped heads many times in the past. And since Rollins is the current self-appointed leader of Raw, it is only a matter of time until these two face each other again. Since they are both on Raw as well, it shouldn’t be any problem.

For Edge, it would be the perfect babyface feud. Seth and his loyal followers Buddy Murphy and the AOP have been pretty dominant. So, a WWE veteran putting them in their place is just what the universe wants.

There are more reasons why Rollins versus Edge is a brilliant idea. In the past, many fans and wrestling journalists have compared Seth to Edge. So, there is plenty of fuel for a potential feud. Maybe Seth tries to recruit Edge as one of his followers? Or maybe Seth wants to prove he is better than Edge? As we said, there are endless possibilities here.

Feelgood Feud Between Daniel Bryan and Edge?

Feelgood WWE matches for Edge

Both Daniel Bryan and Edge received a diagnosis that would have ended their career forever, if not for their sheer determination. Since both are now back in the WWE as active wrestlers, I can’t think of a more appropriate feud to have.

Of course, a feud between Daniel Bryan and Edge can be problematic in terms of storyline. What would be the motivation for these two to square of, especially when you consider their similar backgrounds?

While finding a storyline might be a bit of a challenge, I’m sure these two could put on a spectacular match. Maybe WWE creative can come up with something spectacular? Bryan is not on Raw though, so some adjustments may be needed.

The Rated R Superstar And The A-Lister?

Potential matches - The Miz

Like some of the other suggestions made today, Edge and The Miz have clashed many times in the past. Of course, their clashes were not solely in the ring, as the Rated R Superstar has sparred with Miz many times duringĀ Miz TV.

With the return of John Morrison (who would also be a wonderful choice for a feud btw), Miz has taken another walk along the heel side. Since his reality TV show, fans have been cheering for Miz, but he now seems to return to his old and trusted heel persona.

Since the Miz is taking another heel turn at the moment, there is a lot of potential for a future feud with Edge. However, he may need to be moved to Raw temporarily. Both men are brilliant at promos as well, so I cannot wait to see the kind of promos this feud would deliver.

Many Feuds But Limited Appearances

Many possible WWE matches for Edge, but limited time

While Edge is unlikely to be bored in the three years to come, we must consider that his appearances are limited according to his new contract. So, the WWE will have to choose potential feuds carefully.

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