WWE Hall Of Shame – The Worst Wrestling Moments Of 2019

We have looked at some of the best matches and wrestlers of 2019, but not at the worst! Are you ready to discover our WWE Hall of Shame?

Another year has gone by and there is no shortage of bad and frankly embarrassing WWE moments. But which were bad enough to make our 2019 Hall of Shame?

1. Hall of Shame Winner – Baron Corbin Destroys Kurt Angle During Retirement Match

This has got to be my least favorite moment of 2019. In fact, I absolutely hated it. The match made Kurt Angle look weak and tired. Even though it did wonders for Baron Corbin’s heel status. This was not a retirement match but a squash match.

I dislike what the WWE has done to Kurt Angle for his retirement match.

2. A Strong Second In The Hall Of Shame: Brock Lesnar Beats Kofi In Minimal Time

Brock Lesnar’s title win was a serious insult to die-hard wrestling fans who like to see a decent wrestling match for the title. Instead, we got an epically short win that almost nullified Kofi’s impressive title reign.

I have seen some angry people in the WWE crowd in the past, but this moment led to many people leaving upset and annoyed. The reason why this happened? No idea! Brock Lesnar has actually made more appearances this year and is trying more than during his previous title reigns. Fans do not take to complacency anymore, so the company had to make a change. Nevertheless, this moment was reminiscent of the old Brock Lesnar and nobody liked it.

3. The 50-Man Battle Royal In Saudi Arabia

WWE Hall of Shame Battle Royal

Another worthy addition to this year’s Hall of Shame is the 50-Man Battle Royal. This was one of the most pointless matches during a pay-per-view over the past decade.

Nnothing stood out. Even the win of Mansoor, the home favorite – did nothing for the match. After all, winning the Battle Royal does nothing for your WWE career.

4. Fighter Interference

When the WWE needs to boost their ratings, they usually bring in some celebrities or major athletes. They did the same thing this year, leading to number 4 in our Hall of Shame.

This year, we saw Cain Velasquez and Tyson Fury make their debut in wrestling. Unfortunately, they could not match Ronda Rousey in terms of passion, heart and skill. Far from it, as both men left much to be desired.

Cain Velasquez had the best storyline alongside Rey Mysterio and many people were interested. Unfortunately, all we got was a Brock Lesnar beatdown.

Tyson Fury on the other hand was all about confidence, but other than throwing a few punches, the Gypsy King failed to impress the WWE universe with any actual wrestling.

5. Brock Lesnar Wins Money in the Bank

The Beast In The Bank: A Mix Of Good, Bad, And Ugly
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This was one of the weirdest and stupidest moments in 2019. Even though he did not enter Money in the Bank, he won the briefcase. Even Chris Jericho, who came up with the match, commented on the match on his social media account.

Fans were not only upset that Brock Lesnar won the briefcase despite not entering the match, but also because they believed there were other people who were more deserving. Fans only just got out of a Brock Lesnar title reign that was incredibly boring, so this was a cause of many fans tuning out of the WWE.

6. WWE’s Wildcard Rule

WWE Wild Card Rule

We continue our WWE Hall of Shame with the 2019 wildcard rule.

World Wrestling Entertainment made a point of separating SmackDown Live and Raw. However, they ruined it immediately with a wildcard rule, which enabled several superstars to switch brands. What was the point really?

7. Bret Hart Gets Attacked During Hall of Fame Speech

Bret Hart

There is a Hall of Fame moment in our Hall of Shame overview. It isn’t a match or a storyline, it’s when a fan attacked Bret Hart during his speech.

Despite the attack, Bret recovered alongside Natalya. In addition to that, several wrestlers jumped in with security to punish the idiot fan. Big E, Shane McMahon, Dash Wilder, Travis Brown, Drake Maverick, Xavier Woods, and other wrestlers were quick to react. Soon after the attack, fans were quick to stand up and cheer for Bret, who seemed visible shocked by what happened.

It shows the friendship and support within the wrestling community which took some of the sting out of number 7.

8. The Best In The World

Shane McMahon

Unlike most people, I absolutely adore Shane McMahon.

However, the “Best in the World” thing was really annoying. Shane’s not that great of a heel and he never has been.

He’s much better as a face, so the whole “Best in the World” thing was really lost to me and to most fans in the WWE Universe.

9. Hell In A Cell Disqualification

Hell In A Cell 2019

The main event at Hell in a Cell was no doubt the match between Seth Rollins and The Fiend.

Unfortunately, World Wrestling Entertainment hasn’t done any favors for Seth’s career this year. When it came to his match at Hell in a Cell, they made the biggest mistake with a DQ.

Looking at it logically, it is quite evident why the company chose a disqualification. At the time, they could not afford The Fiend or Rollins to take a loss, so they decided to put up a DQ.

However, this is a problem caused by the WWE and could have been avoided completely. Instead, it gave Rollins’ popularity another hit.

10. The Undertaker Versus Goldberg Fails To Impress

Super ShowDown: Fans Berate Undertaker Vs. Goldberg
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I did not want to put this on the list on a personal level, but our readers would certainly have something to say if I didn’t. I don’t think that Undertaker or Goldberg have anything to prove. But, nobody can deny it was one of the most disappointing matches of the year.

In many people’s opinion, the poor quality of the match was not caused by Taker or Goldberg, but by the fact producers had decided to make the match go for 10 minutes. If it didn’t go on for that long, both men would have been a lot safer.

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