The Brock Lesnar Surprise + Jericho Comments On Money In The Bank

-If you somehow missed Money In The Bank, well, spoilers ahead!

Last night, the men’s ladder match got started with only seven men, due to Sami Zayn being taken out earlier in the evening. Fans were wondering just who would replace Zayn.

With Ali near the top of the ladder, Brock Lesnar’s music hit, and The Beast came down to the ring and claimed the briefcase he didn’t really need (except, I guess, since WWE is now saying no more rematch clauses?).

While there were plenty of reports about who may or may not be backstage (Big E, possibly Hulk Hogan), very little was mentioned about Lesnar.

Per PWInsider, WWE officials worked hard to ensure that almost no one backstage knew that Lesnar was there, until he basically came out and shocked the WWE Universe.

His win is already a head-scratcher, simply because of his status and how he has operated over the years. The briefcase doesn’t seem to be needed.

Plus, we’ve already been hearing that we’d possibly see Seth Rollins defend the Universal Championship against Lesnar at the next Super Showdown show from Saudi Arabia in June. While the briefcase helps set that match up, it surely was not needed (just have Lesnar come in, attack Rollins and boom, match is set up, no case needed).

-Speaking of Money In The Bank, former WWE Superstar and now AEW hand Chris Jericho had a wonderful take on the PPV and Lesnar’s win, thanks to his Twitter account:

Jericho isn’t wrong in the criticism. We already said WWE really needed to get this Money In The Bank right, and that would have meant a win for someone new and fresh…not recycling Lesnar, something fans have seemed to not really enjoy as much.

Even a win for Orton would have been more interesting. He’s not too far off from challenging Cena for the most world title reigns, after all, so that could have been turned into something.

It will be interesting to see how Lesnar uses the briefcase, or if it does anything to help ratings.

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