Triple H Encountering Backstage Problems On His NXT Brand?

The main roster has been plagued by poor morale, but it seems it has now reached NXT too. Is Triple H encountering some backstage issues?

Even though NXT is considered as the critically acclaimed wrestling brand by die-hard wrestling fans, rumors are circulating that Triple H might be encountering some serious morale problems backstage. Some even claim there are many wrestlers who are waiting for their release.

Does NXT Have An Overcrowding Problem?

NXT's Triple H, Kushida and William Regal

One of the issues that might be contributing to the alleged problems in the NXT brand is the overcrowding. Some months ago, we reported that the company signed more superstars than ever. At the time, there was a theory that the company wanted to prevent talented indie wrestlers going to AEW. Unfortunately, it also means there is more talent on the roster than ever before.

The developmental brand can only put so many wrestlers forward at one given time. So, NXT could be having similar problems like the main roster. Many signed wrestlers are being left backstage, leading to unhappiness and putting a serious damper on their career.

As developmental is the step before the main roster, it would be difficult to get anyone to speak out about the real problems with backstage morale. Being outspoken could lead to a termination of your contract, so all we have at this point is rumor and speculation.

Promised Of Pay Increase Not Delivered

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Another contributor to the alleged low backstage morale could be the undelivered pay increases. When the developmental brand moved to USA Network, many talent assumed this would be accompanied by a considerable increase in pay. However, rumor has it that this promise has not been met.

No Future Plans For Most Newly Signed Wrestlers

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We briefly touched on the subject of the developmental brand signing new wrestlers, but that these new wrestlers are not getting any TV time. As these wrestlers were most likely signed to prevent them from competing in AEW, it also means there are no future plans for these wrestlers.

So, here is the problem. Momentum is everything for a professional wrestler. If you are not wrestling for your promotion, then fans are likely to forget you. Sitting backstage is a sure way of being forgotten and to reduce your value as a pro wrestler.

I have no illusions how certain things work in the corporate world. It would not be uncommon for a company to hire certain people, not use them to reduce their value, and then release them when they are no longer a threat.

The Core Group

Even though I adore the women and men who currently play a large role on the developmental roster, think about the last time someone new came up? Even those who have been put forward experienced only a minor push, with the exception of Matt Riddle. Of course, Matt Riddle does come with his own MMA fame, so it does not impact him as much as indie wrestlers.

The core group on NXT is not difficult to find. The Undisputed Era certainly rules the roost, alongside Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa. All these men are extremely talented and driven, so it is no surprise they get all the attention. Nevertheless, it does not help the people backstage who just got signed and cannot get worked in.

As the core group within NXT remained stagnant, it is also no surprise that there have been no massive callups. In previous years, big groups got called up from developmental. Now, we are lucky to get one or two. Interestingly, we did not get any “top of the roost” either. Even though Viking Raiders and Heavy Machinery are brilliant, their story was far from over in NXT.  And, once those people get on the main roster, they are soon forgotten. So, why would anyone want to be called up at this point?

The Truth Of The Matter

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As we stated earlier, these are rumors at the moment. Nobody has come forward to confirm the rumors that have been reported at WhatCulture or Wrestling Observer. Rumors are a bit of a plague in the wrestling industry, so it is always difficult to see what is underneath.

Still, let us assume the rumors are true to come up with an explanation. The WWE is a company that is under heavy scrutiny, especially where public opinion is concerned. But let’s look at the WWE like a regular workplace, somewhere both you and me could be working.

There is a hierarchy and unfair situations in every workplace. Various people work hard, but remain in the background. This is no different than any other company in any given country. Is this right? No, but it does happen a lot.

The core of the matter, if the rumor is true, is the morale within the company. You have probably worked for a company in the past who had  the so-called “revolving door” policy, where morale was so bad people would quit left and right. The alleged situation at NXT could be compared to this.

If the story is true though, Triple H has a serious job on his hands with the morale problems within the company. If there is a group of people who want to leave, then the overall atmosphere backstage will be bad. Going to work will be far from exciting to some, so how can this be fixed?

Sense Of Direction

Triple H's NXT Role Moving Forward + Vince McMahon Stepping Away?
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Let’s not take away from the achievement of Triple H, who has built developmental into a brand that can rival the main roster. Of course, bigger success also means bigger challenges.

It is difficult to keep all your staff happy. In fact, it is next to impossible. Even the best companies have someone who complains about the situation at work. Therefore, one could state that Triple H does not really have to do anything at this point.

The situation changes however if the promised pay increase is the point of contention. Pay incentives, and the lack thereof, can cause serious issues, even among some of the bigger stars at developmental. If this does lay at the core of the matter, then the company has to be very careful with the promises it makes. It one thing to boost morale temporarily, but lying about pay increases and then not deliver does not give confidence to your employees. While I doubt this was indeed the case, this is something the WWE must avoid at all costs.

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