The WWE’s Recent Legal Problems Cause Cloud Over The Brand

The WWE has been encountering some legal problems with some of its superstars; this includes Jeff Hardy and Jimmy Uso. Here are the details.

The WWE is not unfamiliar with legal problems, especially those addressed at the company. Of course, things are slightly different when superstars get into legal trouble. As they represent the brand, it can cause the company some significant troubles. Jeff Hardy is one of the WWE superstars who got into legal trouble recently, as well as Jimmy Uso. Given recent events, the company was forced to take action.

WWE Replaces Jeff Hardy With Nikki Cross And Alexa Bliss

Jeff Hardy was scheduled to partake in the annual Ringfest, taking place on November 3rd. However, the WWE have decided to withdraw Hardy from the event and replace him with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

Hardy has a lengthy history with substance abuse and it would seem like problems with alcohol got him into trouble again. Jeff Hardy was arrested for driving under the influence last Friday night and charged with a DWI by the Moore County Police Department of North Carolina.

The WWE released a statement shortly after Jeff Hardy’s arrest:

“A WWE statement on the incident said: “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this year where Jeff Hardy got into trouble. In July of this year, he got arrested again for an alcohol-related crime. In the end, he was charged with public intoxication at a family resort in South Carolina.

As you may know already, Jeff Hardy has been out of action from the WWE due to a knee injury. As far as we know, he has been cleared to wrestle, yet the WWE released the following statement.

“NEW YORK, NY – WWE® Superstars Alexa Bliss® & Nikki Cross® will be replacing Jeff Hardy™ at the 16th annual RINGSIDE FEST scheduled for Sunday, November 3rd at Carolines on Broadway in Times Square, New York City presented by RINGSIDE COLLECTIBLES.”

Jeff Hardy’s Arrest Record

Jeff Hardy’s criminal offense history and substance abuse trouble are really difficult to keep track of, but here are the most prolific.

2003 – Jeff Hardy leaves the WWE after being offered rehab for his drug problem. Both Hardy Boyz would leave the WWE. Unfortunately this would lead to more problems, including an unfortunate intoxicated appearance at Impact Wrestling.

2008 – Hardy gets involved in an incident at Nashville International Airport. While there were rumors drugs were involved, it later appeared the incident involved alcohol. Jeff Hardy claimed he did not have too much to drink, but simply fell asleep.

2009 – This was probably the worst year for Jeff Hardy. After a drug raid of his house, Hardy was arrested on three different drug charges. The police found 262 Vicodin prescription tablets, 180 Soma prescription tablets, 555 millilitres of anabolic steroids, residual levels of cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. He would take a guilty plea for all three charges two years later.

2018 – In March 2018, Jeff Hardy was arrested in North Carolina for driving under the influence of alcohol. He would be released an hour after his arrest, as his bail was zero dollars.

2019 – In July 2019, Jeff Hardy was arrested at Myrtle Beach for public intoxication. He was then released on a bond of $200. According to the police report, Hardy was found passed out on a stairwell.

Jeff was arrested again later in the year for a DUI in Moore county, North Carolina. Because of the second incident in less than a year, WWE fans have begged the company to intervene and send the wrestler to rehab.

Uso Legal Trouble

WWE Jimmy Uso

The Usos have been plagued by legal trouble too. Both Jey and Jimmy Uso have been arrested in the past. More recently, Jimmy Uso was arrested for an alcohol-related charge in Pensacola, Florida. It is claimed Jimmy Uso was stopped for driving erratically, after which it was found he was under the influence.

Jimmy Uso now has a third DUI charge under his name. He was arrested for similar charges in 2011 and 2013. He also had a drunken altercation with the Detroit police, for which he was arrested in February. His brother Jey had his fair share of problems too, as he was arrested for public intoxication as well. Like Jeff Hardy and Jimmy, he also has a lengthy track record of public intoxication.

The WWE also released a statement about the arrest of Jimmy Uso, which sounded awfully similar to the statement they released about Jeff Hardy:

“Jonathan Fatu is responsible for his own actions.”

WWE Superstar Problems With Substance Abuse

Alicia Fox

Considering the recent track record of many WWE superstars, the WWE should take a closer look at the mental health support they can provide. It is certainly not the first time where substance abuse is an issue.

Alicia Fox has been in the news continuously, mainly with stories about alcohol abuse. It is claimed the company offered Alicia Fox some help, but that she declined. Recently, the WWE put Fox on the alumni list, hinting at the fact her status may have changed.

Various WWE veterans have also spoken out about their substance abuse problems in the past. One of the most notable names who has spoken out about their substance abuse problems is none other than Kurt Angle. In fact, when his substance abuse was discovered and he was offered help by the company, Kurt Angle chose not to take it and eventually left the company. Fortunately, he overcame he demons and returned later.

The reason why that many WWE superstars suffer from substance abuse problems is pretty straightforward. Just think about how hectic their travel schedule is. WWE superstars are constantly on the road and are being kept pretty busy with appearances outside the ring as well. Needless to say, getting a substance abuse problem is not that unusual. Maybe the WWE needs to take a close look at how they support their superstars and have a little less tolerance for repeated criminal offences?

It is clear that the WWE needs to focus on better mental health for its wrestlers. There are too many alcohol and drug-related problems within the company, which should send a strong signal to the company that its superstars are in direct danger. Whether it means there should be an off-season for wrestlers or simply better mental health support remains to be seen.

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