A woman's life-threatening fall onto subway tracks was caught on video
Woman Fell Subway

A horrifying accident can happen at any time and this one was caught on video. A subway rider and her fellow commuters learned this firsthand this week when she fell on the tracks right as a train was approaching in what seems like a scene pulled from a Hollywood movie. Footage of the real-life incident is truly bone-chilling.

Subway Fall Caused By A Medical Crisis

Riding the subway is a common occurrence for people living in larger metropolitan areas. Little thought is put in about rail safety when it is something you experience everyday.

But, that mirage of safety can disappear in an instant.

The fall wasn’t her fault, however. It also wasn’t anything sinister. She was simply standing among a crowd of people awaiting the approaching train when another passenger behind her passed out and fell forward.

The passenger fell right onto her, pushing her onto the tracks. The impact of the fall knocked her unconscious as the train is seen rushing  towards her.

The life threatening accident was all caught on a terrifying video.

The Today Show tweeted the surveillance video of this ordeal that will take your breath away. You can watch it below.

Heroes Of The Subway Fall

Her fellow passengers on the Argentinian subway looked confused. How often does this happen? Nobody was expecting this life or death matter to happen and they only had seconds to act.

These heroic commuters quickly moved into action. They only had seconds to save her.

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From the safety of the platform, some waved their arms for the conductor to stop. Then others jumped on the tracks to try to get the unconscious woman back to the safety of the Buenos Aires subway platform.

These commuters proved to be this woman’s guardian angels.

Mercifully, the driver saw their pleas and stopped the train before it ran over the woman. The train’s driver is Roxanna Elizabeth Flores.

Her experience of 25 years as a subway train driver certainly paid off. Flores didn’t take credit for her fast response. She believes God deserves the glory.

“She owes life to God, not to me,” the train operator said. “But the fast reaction was important.”

In the end, the commuters even stayed with her until paramedics arrived. She is now recovering.

The name of the woman who fell onto the subway tracks has not been released.

Everyday Heroes

The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization founded in 1882, recognizes “everyday heroes” in a multipart series about ordinary and extraordinary men and women.

The series seeks to spotlight the “courage, faith and commitment” of the Knights who embody their mission.

You can watch their “Everyday Heroes Season 2 trailer here:

My Take

It seems to me that these bystanders would make good candidates for “everyday heroes” as honorary Knights.

In today’s society where people often ignore or bully strangers, it’s refreshing to watch everyday people transform into heroes.

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It’s amazing to see such a harrowing event like this woman’s subway fall caught on video. I expect to remember this scene every time I set foot on a subway platform.

Thankfully, this one had a happy ending as everyone rallied together to ensure the woman’s safety!