subway etiquette

It’s remarkable how rude people can be on public transportation. Some commuters simply do not care about other people and they will intentionally break because they only care about what’s convenient for them. “Inside Edition” decided to highlight this massive problem by shaming the uncivil people riding several New York subway trains.

Even when there are signs saying there is no eating or drinking on board, commuters shove food in their mouths, often leaving their trash behind. Some people have even appalling shaved their legs aboard a train! Not only is this disgusting to watch, but it’s highly unsanitary. How would you like to sit or step in a puddle of shaving cream and hair from the previous passenger? This is just a minuscule┬ásample of unsavory things commuters try to get away with.

Lisa Guerrero took a camera crew on the Long Island Rail Road to see these rude people in action. It didn’t take long for her to witness people breaking several rules, both unwritten and explicitly stated.

The most frequent infraction came in the form of seat hogs. People would take up multiple seats even when the train was full and others were standing. These unthoughtful passengers would rest their dirty shoes on the seat in front of them or use it for their luggage. When Lisa confronted a man who was using an extra seat for his bag rather than storing it overhead, she was greeted with cheers and gratitude from inconvenienced passengers who were standing.

Lisa also invited Anthony Lombard of Man’s Marbles, a site dedicated to discussing pet peeves, to join her. He regularly hands out tickets to make people aware of their rudeness and change their behavior. Together, they hand out infractions to some unsuspecting people.

If you are tired of people being rude to each other, you will appreciate these selfish people being confronted aboard this train.

What’s remarkable is how many people didn’t realize they were being rude! It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be considerate of others and practice the golden rule. Treat others as you want to be treated!