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The abysmal state of the New York City subway system has people more on edge than ever. As one woman found out, losing one’s cool on fellow passengers doesn’t come without consequences, as she now faces felony assault charges following her violent and racist tirade.

According to reports, 40-year-old Anna Lushchinskaya couldn’t handle the subway on Tuesday when she was bumped by another passenger, which apparently triggered a rage attack.

As video shows, Lushchinskaya begins kicking the other woman, who in turn, kicks her back. Other commuters implore the women to cut it out but Lushchinskaya is having none of it. She ties back her hair before beginning another round of assault using her closed umbrella as a cudgel.

Please be advised this video is riddled with curse words and some racial slurs.

NYC crime is down but transit crimes are up across the board.

NYPD reports transit crime is up overall by 2.5 percent, while transit assaults are up 4.5 percent, and getting robbed while using mass transit in the Big Apple is up by 7.6 percent.

Lushchinskaya wasn’t satisfied with only physically assaulting her victim, who is Asian, as she further shocked passengers by calling her a “f***ing ch**k.”

She clearly is a frequently volatile passenger, as the day before her arrest, she was nearly in a similar altercation with another woman.

Finally, one fellow rider, podcaster Juan Ayala, decided to deal with Lushchinskaya himself and was able to physically restrain her until police could come.

What’s truly ironic, however, is Ayala thought it appropriate (and not just as bigoted) to associate Lushchinskaya with Donald Trump.

“You already know she voted for Trump,” podcaster Juan Ayala says in the video.

Does Ayala really think only people who support the president use racist epithets? Ayala also pointed out Lushchinskaya’s race by saying she was exhibiting her “white privilege,” rather than just being an ill-tempered human being.

It’s alarming how many Americans walk around calling other people racists and bigots but fail to see it in themselves. What Lushchinskaya said and did was absolutely wrong, but citing those things as indicative of how one votes is wrong as well.

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