Kevin Sorbo talks Christian movie "The Reliant" and how outing himself as conservative hurt his career

Kevin Sorbo has become an unexpected champion of Christian movies and conservative causes. The openly conservative actor sat down with Fox News host David Webb this week to talk about his new movie The Reliant, which Sorbo describes as a “hardcore faith-based…Second Amendment” film.

During the interview, Sorbo, best known as Hercules from “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” on USA in the 1990’s, discussed what it is like to be one of the few openly conservative actors in Hollywood.

Career Risk To Come “Out of the Conservative Closet”

“Hollywood’s not just left or right. There are people that work in the industry, people with different beliefs, people with conservative beliefs, but they’re being pushed out,” Webb began. “And I hear too many of those stories.”

“When I sort of came out of the conservative closet, so to speak, I’ve always been a conservative, my wife warned me… ‘This is probably going to hurt your career,'” Sorbo said.

“And it did hurt my career. But thank God there’s an independent world out there as well that keeps me busy. I’ve been averaging three, four movies a year for the last 15 years.”

Sorbo, who is a proud Christian, has stayed busy in recent years by appearing in faith-based independent movies.

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He has also been unafraid to blast the closed-minded liberals of Hollywood who try to push conservatives like him out of the film industry.

Liberals Who Preach “Tolerance” Are Hypocrites In Hollywood

“I don’t understand this scream for tolerance and scream for freedom of speech that comes from the left, but it’s all a one-way street,” he said.

“Why can’t we have an open dialog about it? But it’s a difficult road to have to travel … it gets frustrating because … to me, it’s childish and not really fair.”

“It’s strange that it’s a battle that we even have to fight,” Sorbo continued. “I have liberal friends. I have atheist friends… We have great talks and great debates. We still go golfing and have a beer.”

When asked if conservatives are starting to get more opportunities in Hollywood, Sorbo replied, “I think it’s opening up and certainly starting to happen a lot more than it used to.”

“But we need to be realistic. It’s still a capitalist business,” he said, pointing out that Americans need to also be vocal in demanding more conservative and Christian movies from studios.

Kevin Sorbo’s Christian Movie “The Reliant”

Shifting gears, Sorbo discussed his movie The Reliant, which features a pro-Christian, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-conservative message.

“The movie deals with the economic collapse of America. Think Venezuela and what’s gonna happen when something like that takes place,” Sorbo said.

“So there’s rioting. There’s looting. My house gets targeted by a bunch of bad guys. They’re a family of faith, but they’re also pro-Second Amendment. And they have guns in the house, too, when they get shot at. They shoot back.”

The Reliant movie is based on a 2017 novel of the same name. Sorbo cautioned that parents with younger children should be aware the film is a “hard PG-13″. The Christian flick centers around faith and family – but there is violence and they use guns.

One Twitter user described the movie as “Red Dawn but with Antifa”:

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Fathom events offered a one-day only showing of the film on October 24. Anyone who wants to support this independent Christian movie can preorder it now on DVD now or watch it on digital December 3rd.

Hollywood Liberals

Hollywood liberals are constantly preaching about “open-mindedness,” yet they also are trying to silence conservative voices every chance they get.

It’s impressive and inspiring that Sorbo has managed to circumvent the Hollywood left to still make Christian movies that offer faith- and values-based message.

With all the trash being pumped out by Hollywood these days, it’s refreshing to see a movie that actually promotes conservative values.

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