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Source: Screenshot YouTube
September 28, 2022
Former "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo is opening up about what it's like to be a conservative Christian in liberal Hollywood.
Kevin Sorbo Tamyra Mensah-Stock
Source: Screenshot YouTube/Screenshot YouTube
August 11, 2021
Kevin Sorbo was thrilled how Olympian Tamyra Mensah-Stock's clear, glowing pride in our country and urges those who don't like…
Kevin Sorbo Facebook page
February 17, 2021
"Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo is fighting back after Facebook deletes his page without giving him an explanation as to why.
Kevin Sorbo Gavin Newsom lockdown California Pennsylvania
November 20, 2020
Former "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo ripped California's new lockdown and Pennsylvania's mandate to wear masks inside.
November 6, 2020
Alyssa Milano and Chrissy Teigen have teamed up to bully former "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo for an anti-Joe Biden tweet…
conservative celebrities endorse Trump Roseanne Barr 50 Cent Kelsey Grammar Kirstie Alley Jon Voight
October 20, 2020
The list of celebrities in Hollywood brave enough to risk their career to endorse Donald Trump for president in the…
Antonio Sabato Jr. conservative film studio blacklisted liberal Hollywood
September 3, 2020
Antonio Sabato Jr. is fighting back after liberal Hollywood blacklisted him by launching his own conservative film studio.
Kevin Sorbo 'Wake Up' Twitter rant
April 21, 2020
Actor Kevin Sorbo of "Hercules" fame went on a Twitter rant urging the American people to "wake up" and not…
Kevin Sorbo abortion essential
April 13, 2020
Kevin Sorbo spoke out to lament the fact that abortion clinics are still open amid the coronavirus pandemic, but churches…
Kevin Sorbo talks Christian movie "The Reliant" and how outing himself as conservative hurt his career
October 30, 2019
In an interview about his new Christian movie "The Reliant", Kevin Sorbo says being an openly Christian conservative "hurt my…
kevin sorbo
September 5, 2019
Actor Kevin Sorbo's new Christian, action movie The Reliant promotes a pro Second Amendment message and comes to theaters this…
the reliant kevin sorbo rated r
December 3, 2018
The Reliant¬†features no profanity,¬†nudity, torture or extreme violence, yet received an R rating as a Christian movie that is pro-Second…