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James Woods Twitter Alligator Blood blacklisting conservatives
Source: Screenshot
October 18, 2021
Actor James Woods defended his frequent use of Twitter, calling it his "Sword and shield" against the trolls and liars
Tim Allen condemns shameful Capitol riots fiscally closet conservatives
January 13, 2021
"Last Man Standing" star Tim Allen called last week's Capitol riots "shameful" and lamented how conservatives have retreated to the…
Kirstie Alley Sean Hannity Trump Fox News
October 20, 2020
Former "Cheers" star Kirstie Alley told Sean Hannity on Fox last night about how she deals with hate from anti-Trump…
Kevin Sorbo talks Christian movie "The Reliant" and how outing himself as conservative hurt his career
October 30, 2019
In an interview about his new Christian movie "The Reliant", Kevin Sorbo says being an openly Christian conservative "hurt my…