Kevin Sorbo’s New Christian Movie ‘The Reliant’ Takes A Stand For The Second Amendment

Actor Kevin Sorbo's new Christian, action movie The Reliant promotes a pro Second Amendment message and comes to theaters this October.

Actor Kevin Sorbo will star in a crowdfunded Christian, politically-driven action movie The Reliant which airs in select theaters across America this October. The Reliant movie promotes a pro Second Amendment message with a strong Christian backbone.

The Reliant Promotes Christianity And The Second Amendment

Fox News reports that The Reliant is based on the 2017 book of the same name by Patrick Johnston, who also wrote the screenplay. The movie dives into the same hot button issues addressed in the book such as our faith in God during times of crisis and our Second Amendment rights.

“After an innocent trip to the store ends in rioting and chaos, father of five, Rick (Sorbo) rushes home desperate to gather his family and find safety,” states the film’s official synopsis. “His plans are dashed when the very same armed men suddenly appear, led by the ruthless Jack (Brian Bosworth). Caught in the deadly crossfire, the children are forced to seek shelter in the surrounding woods.”

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“Alone and vulnerable, the children’s faith and family bonds are pushed to the limit, especially those of the eldest daughter, Sophie (Mollee Gray), who questions the morality of gun ownership but soon learns that in God all things are good, including her family’s Second Amendment right to defend themselves,” the synopsis adds. “It is now up to the children to reclaim their home, find their parents and put an end to Jack’s rampage.”

The Reliant Trailer Shows Government Confiscating Guns

The movie’s trailer shows civil unrest break out in a family’s small town. Children are forced to flee to the woods for safety. The Reliant makes us face this critical question – what happens when only the bad guys have guns? At a time when liberals inch closer and closer to destroying the Second Amendment and taking our guns, this theme is more topical than ever. The movie’s synopsis says that the children’s faith and family bonds will be tested.

Johnston managed to get the movie made through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. On the campaign’s page, he warned that the events in The Reliant could soon become a reality for the American people.

“We are one terrorist attack away from giving up our right to keep-and-bear-arms,” he wrote. “With our government corporately willing to spurn the Constitution in so many ways, the Second Amendment is practically meaningless to our leaders. We need to reach the culture with this important message of the moral foundation for our natural right to defend ourselves.”

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Liberals Furious Over The Reliant Trailer

The Reliant will only be in select theaters on the night of October 24, 2019 across the United States. Liberals are already blasting the movie on Twitter. They are, of course, infuriated by its overt Christian and pro Second Amendment messages.

It’s ironic that liberals whine this movie is conservative propaganda when virtually every Hollywood movie spreads liberal propaganda. As usual, liberals can’t even tolerate a single thing that goes against their views.

We applaud those who made The Reliant. We thank Kevin Sorbo for being an advocate for Christians and gun owners everywhere. And we hope this movie is a huge success.

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