Fox Is Steering SmackDown Live + Naomi Gives Fans A Status Update

Fox is influencing the WWE product in a major way, while Naomi is providing fans with a status update after not being seen for some time.

Fox has had a major influence on WWE SmackDown Live, and the show has not even been aired yet. In other news, Naomi has provided her fans with a status update after not being seen in the wrestling ring for some time.

WWE’s Creative Decisions Ruled By Fox?

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A lot of things within the WWE are directly or indirectly connected to the move to Fox Network, nobody can truly deny that. From the change in announce teams to the upcoming superstar draft, there are many indicators that Fox is handling SmackDown Live with an iron fist.

Despite the fact that changes were expected, the changes caused by Fox stand in stark contrast with their competitor USA Network. WWE products shown on USA Network are pretty much left alone and Vince still has the final say. However, Fox seems to do its research when it comes down to superstars, as the media giant requested superstars such as The Fiend as well as the A+ announce team.

While Fox does not meddle with the Raw product, it is extremely likely that their grasp on SmackDown Live will influence the Raw product too. After all, they have their pick of superstars, which will influence the superstars that end up on Raw. Planned storylines could all go out the window at Fox’ behest, so it will be interesting to see what the WWE comes up with in the weeks to follow.

Naomi Taking Personal Time

Certain female wrestlers are so talented, their absence is noticed quickly by the WWE Universe. One female wrestler who has been noticeably absent of late is none other than Naomi.

On social media, Naomi released a statement saying that she is taking some personal time and that she has been dealing with some personal issues as well as health issues. Here is the statement she released for fans:

“I’ve faced some trying times the past few months…losing a loved one so dear to me (rocked me to my core) & handling my own health issues I wasn’t aware of forced me to slow down & reevaluate…I want my loving fans to know that I’m ok and will be back when the time is right,”

As things stand, Noami stays on the Raw brand. However, this could change with the next superstar draft. If Fox want Naomi on their roster, then they are likely to get it. Either way, I hope Naomi recovers soon and that she can return to wrestling happy and healthy.

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