Paige Recently Turned Down WWE Backstage Hosting Role

WWE Backstage is set to launch in November and could have included Paige. According to recent rumors, she has refused an offer to host the show.

Fox Sports is planning to host a show called WWE Backstage on FS1. The show is expected to start on November 5th and will be hosted by Renee Young and Booker T.

Recent rumors about WWE backstage claim that the show was supposed to have another or an additional host, more specifically Paige.

Paige Refuses To Host WWE Backstage


If the rumors are to be believed, Paige was offered a role on the WWE Backstage show, which will be launched in November as an addition to SmackDown Live. The news was initially reported by Brad Shepard at

While it is claimed that Paige refused the role, the exact reason for the refusal is not yet known. In the meantime, the WWE has officially confirmed that WWE Backstage will be hosted by Renee Young and Booker T.

Will Paige Resume Her Role As The Manager Of The Kabuki Warriors?

The Kabuki Warriors

Paige fans already know that she is currently recovering from another neck operation. While she cannot return to wrestling because of the severity of her injury, and the fact that the wrong bump could get her paralysed for the rest of her life or worse, it is expected that she will return to the spotlight and resume her duties as the manager of the Kabuki Warriors.

If rumor is to be believed, Paige has fought hard to get the Kabuki Warriors the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, the WWE has yet to book them in an interesting feud. They also need a little more TV time than they have been getting.

Since the Kabuki Warriors weren’t getting anywhere, former champion Asuka started her own gaming channel. You can’t really blame her either, as seeing such a talent go to waste is devastating.

If it is indeed the case that Paige received an offer to host WWE backstage, you do have to wonder where this leaves the Kabuki Warriors? After all, Paige could not manage the Kabuki Warriors and host a show as neutral party at the same time. Is this an indication that the company has given up on the tag team?

Nevertheless, the Kabuki Warriors will go somewhere if Paige has her say. She has given interviews about her frustration with how the WWE are treating Asuka and Kairi Sane. She even mentioned how she had to remind writers that there was such a thing as the women’s tag team titles. Let’s just hope Paige is back soon to shake things up.

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