Sasha Banks Trains In Japan

– While The Boss has been on a bit of a hiatus from the WWE as of late, all arrows are pointing to a big comeback, and it seems that she is already starting to train for that imminent WWE return.

Sasha Banks recently headed to Japan for a trip, and thanks to some social media posts, it seems that she got into the ring for a little training session, as well. Meiko Satomura posted some pictures of Banks training, and captions can be seen below. The Boss also tweeted about training in Japan recently, as well.

Could we see Sasha Banks return to the ring this Sunday at Extreme Rules? The signs seem to be pointing this way, especially after the promo exchange between Bayley and Nikki Cross last night on RAW.

– WWE superstars live a crazy life while on the road. Not only do they spend a majority of their time travelling, either driving or flying, but they also need to make sure they can find a place to train between traveling and the WWE live events they perform in, which doesn’t always give them a lot of downtime. While most fans understand that when they are in the gym, they are there for a purpose (and that is to work out), some fans simply don’t get it.

One fan recently hopped on to Twitter to relay an encounter he had with The Usos and Naomi. You can see the tweet below, but the fan accused the trio of being “mean”. Well, this didn’t settle too well with Naomi, who posted a reply to the person shortly after. See both the fan and Naomi’s response, below.

There are always three sides to a story: your side, their side, and the truth. Having said that, The Usos and Naomi seem to be pretty decent talent, who rarely get negative feedback from fans. This, most likely, was a huge misunderstanding on both parts.

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