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The NFL doesn’t even attempt to disguise its bias against openly Christian athletes. Demario Davis of the New Orleans Saints is the most recent Christian being singled out by the NFL who slapped him with a fine.

This is the very same NFL that allows political protests against our country and police officers. Said protests being overt political stunts by players before and during games. Yet the league will not tolerate Christians showcasing their faith on the field. Displaying belief in God put the respected linebacker in the NFL’s crosshairs.

Proud Christian Athlete

Demario Davis doesn’t hide from the fact that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. His Instagram even designates him as a “Servant of God 1st!” He doesn’t shy away from this fact. Instead he wants to promote the word of God and has his faith front and center in his Instagram bio. RELATED: NFL Quarterback Mahomes’ Christian Faith Keeps Him Humble Like Tebow

Demario Davis Christian NFL

“I wanted guys to know that I put God first, I put my family second and I put football third,” Davis has said. 

Davis doesn’t limit his faith to social media. He takes his love for Christ on the football field too. He recently wore a “MAN OF GOD” headband during the Saints’ game against the Seattle Seahawks. The Christian athlete was fined $7,000 for this display of his Christian faith that was rather benign and under his helmet while he was on the field. RELATED: Tim Tebow Sends Inspirational Christian Message to His Haters

NFL’s Rule Against “Personal Messages”

The linebacker took to Instagram to share the news of the NFL fine and to ask his followers if he should continue wearing it. A second offense stemming from the NFL’s rule banning  “personal messages” would cost him over $14,000.

The comments on Demario Davis’ Instagram post were overwhelmingly supportive of continuing to wear the headband. Fans understand how ridiculous this NFL rule is. After all, why are political protests permitted during the National Anthem but a headband mentioning faith warrants a steep fine.

“My faith is always going to be the most important aspect of my leadership,” Davis said in an interview “I was a leader off the field on this team before I was a leader on the field. I wanted my character to speak for me before I even stepped foot on the field.

The Seattle Seahawks didn’t seem to take issue with Davis’ Christian headband. The team shared a video of the linebacker’s pregame pep talk to its YouTube channel. The linebacker’s “MAN OF GOD” headband was prominently shown throughout the video which has garnered over 14,000 views. Watch it below:

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