Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is a former NFL player-turned-New York Mets minor leaguer. He has spent years using his platform as a star athlete to encourage others to find God. When he was asked at spring training what he would say to the haters that try and cut him down, Tebow offered an inspiring message that we all should take to heart.

Tebow’s Message

“It’s really about keeping perspective and not letting other people define you because they sure want to,” Tebow said, according to Fox News. “Shoot, I try to encourage young people all the time to not let the world or outside sources define you because you are always going to have critics and naysayers and people that are going to tell you that you won’t, that you can’t, that you shouldn’t.”

“Most of those people are the people that didn’t, that wouldn’t, that couldn’t,” Tebow continued, adding that everyone should follow their own dreams and not “be defined by outside sources.”

“I think the reason people don’t go after things is because of how much you will be criticized,” the Heisman Trophy winner said.

He Keeps the Faith

Tebow has certainly not let outside sources sway him when it comes to his undying belief in God. Many athletes succumb to temptation and fall off the Christian path when they find success in sports, but not Tebow. He explained that he did not “want to have to live with fear or doubt every day regardless of what everybody here says about me.”

“It doesn’t define me,” Tebow concluded. “I’m so grateful that doesn’t define me. There is one thing that defines me and that’s what God says about me.”

It’s so refreshing to see an athlete like Tebow using his platform to do good and spread the word of God. These days, it feels like there are fewer and fewer athletes who serve as positive role models that we can look up to. God bless you, Tim Tebow, and keep up the good work!