NFL Kansas City Chiefs quaterback Mahomes success has him being compared to Brett Favre. But, his Christian faith draws better comparison to Tim Tebow.

Patrick Mahomes is gaining a significant amount of attention for his performance on the field in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback keeps being labeled as “the next Brett Favre.” That’s an incredibly flattering comparison, but this superstar stays humble for an important reason. He’s a Christian.

As A Christian, Mahomes’ Playbook Is The Bible

The Tyler, Texas native gives praise to God for all of his fortunes. He’s on track to have another stellar football season. While many other NFL athletes relish in their success to boost their own egos, Mahomes follows a different playbook. His playbook is the Bible. He praises God when he succeeds. RELATED: Tim Tebow Sends Inspirational Christian Message to His Haters

Mahomes is the son of Major League Baseball player Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin. His parents are divorced but remained on good terms for the sake of their son.

Mahomes Found Christ As A Teen

Randi explained that Christianity isn’t a new adventure for her son. It’s been a part of the fabric of his life since he was a child. He decided to become a Christian at a young age and he doesn’t shy away from that choice.

“In middle school, he got real involved with his youth group,” his mom said. “He got saved. There was a night at church, he had his hands raised to the Lord and he was singing. I just felt overcome with this most awesome moment, more than any football game, because I knew where his heart truly is.”

Martin credits Christianity with keeping her son humble amidst all of his fame and success. Praying and thanking God for his fortunes has helped Mahomes achieve that.

“I want him to stay humble; that means a lot to me,” Randi said about the quarterback. “I always encourage him to pray and to thank God for his blessings that he has and his abilities.”

Positive NFL Role Model

Mahomes is such a positive force in the NFL that even those who aren’t Chiefs fans can’t help but like the quarterback. This man is a leader on and off the field. This is a man who could prove to be a very worthy role model for children. He might have the athletic staying power of Brett Favre, but he also has signs of Tim Tebow’s humility and faith. Mahomes’ example stands in stark contrast to that set by Colin Kaepernick which, of course, received generous coverage by mainstream media and even Nike. Related: Colin Kaepernick Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary of NFL Anthem Kneeling Protests

The video below highlights the genuine nature of Patrick Mahomes. He is very grounded while being incredibly accomplished. That doesn’t happen often in professional football these days.

Let’s lift Mahomes up and share his brave expression of faith to remind people that good role models still exist in the NFL.

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