Paul Heyman Is Pushing Lower Card Talent To The Top

With Paul Heyman at the helm of Raw, some lower card talent is starting to be used. He plans to pull top talent from those backstage wrestlers.

Even though Raw still needs a lot of work, there have been some great changes since Paul Heyman was put at the helm of Monday Night Raw. One of the better changes is the use of talent. Now, some of the lower-card guys are now getting a shot.

NXT Guys Finally Getting A Shot With Paul Heyman


Paul Heyman is giving some of the NXT guys finally a shot. According to recent rumor, Ricochet and Bobby Roode (Robert Roode) will be the guys to get a massive push in the next several weeks.

According to rumors, the push that Ricochet and Bobby Roode will get will not be the typical Vince push. Instead, he plans to build both guys slowly to give the crowd time. Evidently, this is something most fans would prefer. Just think about the Roman Reigns push, which has left fans desperate for something different.

Heyman Focuses On Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander is undoubtedly one of the most talented men to come from the Cruiserweight roster. Unfortunately, his presence on 205 Live did reduce his popularity on the main roster initially. Even though he was the Cruiserweight Champion at one point, not a lot of people have interest in the 205 Live roster.

Since Cedric Alexander arrived on the main roster, it is clear that Paul Heyman has been pushing him somewhat. Of course, the push has been less obvious than we are used to from the WWE.

Other Top Talent That Could Use Some Attention


Ricochet, Bobby Roode, and Cedric Alexander are some of the talent that Paul Heyman wants to push. Still, there is more talent on the WWE roster that could use a bit of a push by Paul Heyman.

Another prime example of wasted good talent is EC3. Despite putting down amazing matches on NXT – and despite the fact he has an outstanding gimmick already as Ethan Carter III – Vince McMahon used EC3 as a jobber and then left him backstage. EC3’s status at this point in time is a true waste. I hope Paul Heyman decides to push him as well.

Another man that could use a little character build is Apollo Crews. Even though he could use a serious gimmick other than being a really likeable guy. Despite his lack of gimmick, he is a fantastic wrestler.

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