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Everyone who knows the WWE knows that there is some importance in trademarks. In the past, trademarks have provided us with some ideas about future storylines, but also some insight in superstars who were going to be pushed. Now, the WWE has filed for four new trademarks.

New WWE Trademarks Pointing At Character Pushes?

The new trademarks the WWE has filed for seem to indicate that some superstars will be pushed quite heavily for some time to come.

One of the trademarks the company has filed for is “Yowie Wowie”, which does not require a lot of explanation. They have also filed a trademark for “Firefly Fun House”, which indicates that Bray Wyatt’s position within the company is more than safe.

The WWE have also filed a trademark for Sasha Banks, more specifically “Legit Boss”. When you think about it, the company has always referred to her as “The Boss”, so filing for this new trademark could help them keep Banks within the company for the foreseeable future.

Finally, the promotion also filed for “Monster Among Men”, which would indicate a more substantial push for Braun Strowman. Even though Braun is playing a prominent role in the WWE, he has yet to win a serious singles title. With filing for “Monster Among Men”, a singles title may be in the nearby future.

Another possible trademark that could be filed in the future is that of “The Man”. Becky Lynch is massively popular, so it would be stupid for the WWE to miss out on the name. Still, this might not be the easiest name to trademark and it could explain why it has not been done.

Bayley Gets New Ring Gear?

WWE Bayley and Sasha Banks

Many people believe that Bayley has turned heel, but then her appearance on SmackDown Live made things a little muddled. There might be something to it though, as Bayley might be getting some new ring gear alongside Sasha Banks.

On Instagram Stories, Banks and Bayley sported some new matching gear. Banks posted a photograph of herself and Bayley, with Bayley wearing some Sasha Banks’ inspired gear. Evidently, this could mean that Bayley is looking more towards the heel persona of Banks as her new character.

I have no problems with Bayley turning heel and I think that it will help her. Of course, the appearance at SmackDown last week did not make things easier, as Charlotte came over as the better heel in the conversation. There certainly is a need for some fine tuning when it comes to her persona and I hope the photograph on Instagram Stories is an example of things to come.

Anyone who knew Bayley before she came to the main roster will agree with me that Bayley is capable of much more than we have seen of her so far. I honestly believe that her face persona has limited her somewhat on the main roster. Her bookings have also been underwhelming to a certain degree, so letting her find her footing with a new heel persona might just be the best thing for her. Time will tell if Bayley’s new persona will hit with the WWE Universe.

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