Who Is Behind Sasha Banks' RAW Promo?

Newer Superstar Putting In Hard Work

-Every WWE Superstar has his or her own routine when it comes to fitness and whatnot. Things can change over their careers, of course. One could imagine that (at least for now), an NXT Superstar has a bit less of a road schedule (give it a couple weeks, that will change), as compared to a RAW or SmackDown Superstar.

Once they get the chance to be on the main roster, Superstars have a lot to balance, but it’s vitally important to stay in shape. A healthy Superstar can mean a Superstar in line for a big push.

One such Superstar putting in the hard work to get in better shape? Heavy Machinery’s Tucker Knight.

While it has yet to develop into a bigger (tag title?) push for the pair, PWInsider has revealed that Knight has been working very hard since he was called up. He’s been losing weight and getting into better shape, and the belief is that he (and presumably Otis) could benefit from the hard work sooner than later.

Behind Sasha Banks’ RAW Promo

-With Sasha Banks finally back within a WWE ring, fans have been waiting for the Superstar to finally give us a good explanation as to why she was away for four months, and what she was up to.

On this past Monday’s RAW, she embraced a lot of the news that has been going around about her-how she had  a bit of a meltdown and walked away, among other things. She acknowledged not liking the creative direction of things. It was refreshing, brutal, honest and factual. It certainly allowed her to come off as an uber-heel, which was, of course, the idea. So who was behind it?

According to Wade Keller of the Torch, this was something that Paul Heyman worked on with Banks-and it shows. It’s a bit unorthodox, perhaps, but it addresses a lot of the rumblings that have been out there for the last four months, and more important, it gets Banks even more heat.

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