Eric Bischoff Under Fire As Executive Director Of SmackDown

Rumor has it that Eric Bischoff might be experiencing some backstage heat as Smackdown's executive director. Here is what we currently know.

Eric Bischoff has been named as the executive director of Smackdown for a couple of months now. However, Bischoff claimed a couple of weeks ago that he had not started his role. He said he still was getting familiar with the inner workings of the company. Now, rumor states he has started his role, but upset some people backstage in the process.

Eric Bischoff Hires Sleeping Writer

Eric Bischoff

According to The Wrap, Bischoff hired a writer called Stevie Long. Stevie Long is a writer who previously wrote for Sons of Anarchy, an American television show. While the choice is not immediately a bad one upon first glance, it is rumored that Long was found sleeping in the writer’s room during his very first day on the job.

Bischoff Responsible For Roman Reigns Storyline?


Whatculture reports that there is another point of contention between the backstage team and Eric Bischoff. The problem seems to be with Roman Reigns’ storyline, which the WWE believes was done really badly. As they find that the story makes zero sense, Bischoff might be in some trouble.

His Role For WWE SmackDown Live?

A couple of weeks ago, The Wrestling Observer reported that Eric Bischoff had not done much in his role as executive director of SmackDown Live. While they did report that he would show up to SmackDown, it was also stated that Bischoff did not do much other than that.

Bischoff admitted a couple of weeks ago that he had not started his role as executive director, so I am taking the recent rumors with a serious grain of salt. If Bischoff has not started his role, then the rumors are most likely false. However, when The Wrap about the rumors contacted Bischoff, he declined to comment.

Paul Heyman Vs. Bischoff

Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff Executive Directors of RAW & SD LIVE
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Wrestling Observer Radio has reported a couple of stories about Bischoff recently. While we should always take Wrestling Observer Radio with a grain of salt, their story seems to be applicable to the latest rumors surrounding Eric Bischoff.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Bischoff’s lack of knowledge has become somewhat of a joke backstage. But, he claims he knows little about the current WWE product. While it is no secret that Bischoff has been out of the business for a little while, I wonder if there is any truth to the matter?

“That’s the plan right now, yeah is to do that with the draft so they can re-shuffle the rosters. Paul Heyman can get a few of the guys he wants — Bischoff, if he knows who the people are on the roster maybe he figure out who he wants. It’s been one of the running jokes that Bischoff doesn’t even know who the talent is yet, but there you go.” – Wrestling Observer Radio

Even though there are only rumors at this point, it is clear that there is a creative problem with SmackDown Live. To say the least, skewed storylines could jeopardize their contract with Fox. Time will tell if Bischoff can deliver and turn things around.

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