NXT Might Suffer From AEW War, Eric Bischoff’s WWE Status


The WWE is preparing itself for an all-out war with the new promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW). To win the war, they are counting on their NXT brand, which has been doing remarkably well over the past couple of years. But will NXT win with changes to come?

Will NXT Continued To Be Managed By Triple H?

NXT Triple H

One of the main concerns among wrestling fans is that the NXT brand will no longer be managed by Triple H. Vince McMahon is more than eager to destroy the competition according to sources, and this could mean that that Vince will become more involved in NXT. If this is the case, will Triple H still have any power to put his product on as he would want it.

The war is not the best news for wrestlers eithers. The travelling schedule of the WWE is already grueling and is expected to become even worse with the upcoming war. It is also not the best news for fans, as it could mean another oversaturation of wrestling. With longer pay-per-views and beyond the ring television programs, how much more wrestling can fans have time for?

Unfortunately, changes to the NXT brand have already started. Yesterday, the WWE officially announced that he brand has been moved to the USA Network. For now, we do not know what impact that will have on the WWE Network, but I doubt it will be good. Vince could also become more involved since the move, which I hope will not have a negative influence on the overall product.

Eric Bischoff’s Current Role In Mainstream WWE?

Eric Bischoff

The announcement that Eric Bischoff would become an executive director of SmackDown Live was made weeks ago, but we have yet to see Bischoff make the promised changes to the SmackDown brand. According to Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Live, Bischoff has not done anything creatively.

It does need to be said that I reported on this story several weeks ago. In fact, Eric Bischoff himself has reacted to it. He stated that he has not started as executive director and that he is currently focussing on getting familiar again with the WWE product. After all, Bischoff has been away from the brand for some time, while Paul Heyman has been with the WWE for the past couple of years.

I do not expect Bischoff to jump into the fray anytime soon, at least not until he has become familiar with all the details surrounding the company. You can say a lot about Eric Bischoff, but certainly not that he is a stupid man. In fact, if ECW listened to Bischoff when they needed to, they may even have won the Monday Night Wars. Bischoff is at the end of the day a shrewd businessman with good knowledge on how the wrestling business works. So, even though he has not started as executive director, I have high hopes for the product when he does commence his duties.