New Universal Champion Crowned At Extreme Rules

The main event for extreme rules saw both RAW titles up for grabs in a unique winners take all tag team match. By the end of the evening, we had a new champ

-WWE’s July PPV took place from Philadelphia, PA this evening.

Our main event was billed as a “winners take all” tag team battle, with Universal Champion Seth Rollins teaming up with girlfriend Becky Lynch, herself the RAW Women’s Champion.

They would be taking on the challengers, the team of Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans.

While the action was strong, and there were plenty of near falls to go around, neither Evans nor Corbin could secure a pin, or the dual title sealing win. Instead, champ Seth Rollins managed to stomp his way to victory, pinning Baron Corbin and ensuring that he and Lynch would walk out of Philadelphia still the top champs on RAW.

Except, only half of that ended up being true.

Following the tag match, Brock Lesnar’s music hit.

Out came The Beast and his advocate, Paul Heyman.

Lesnar assaulted Rollins. After a lengthy and draining tag team match, the Universal Champion was, of course, easy pickings. Lesnar delivered a couple big throws before Heyman confirmed Lesnar was indeed cashing in tonight.

With the cash in officially happening, Lesnar drilled the champion with an F-5, allowing The Beast Incarnate to pin Seth Rollins, claiming another Universal Championship.

Where things go from here will be interesting to observe. After weeks (or months) of teasing, the briefcase has finally been cashed in, and we have a new champ. What will the title change mean as WWE rolls into SummerSlam, just about a month away? Considering that, per storylines, WWE has done away with the automatic rematches, will we even get a Rollins-Lesnar title tilt in a few weeks? Or does WWE have someone new in mind? Could this be the move to re-launch Braun Strowman as a champion? (if rumors of Heyman wanting to push Strowman are accurate, this move could make a ton of sense).

The next few weeks should be interesting to watch.

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