Another Title Match Could Be Added To Extreme Rules This Sunday!

The card for Extreme Rules is already stacked, but there could be one more title match. But who will put his or her title on the line?

There is already a stacked card for Extreme Rules this Sunday, but there could be one more title match on the list. Brad Shepard claims that the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships will be defended on the pay-per-view; this could mean that the rise of the Kabuki Warriors is imminent.

The Bellas Are Out At Extreme Rules, But Are The Kabuki Warriors?

Extreme Rules - The Kabuki Warriors

“A source in #WWE told me this week to expect new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions at Extreme Rules, and the new champions are expected to be the Kabuki Warriors. We’ll see if that changes but the main idea is to get the ball rolling on the women’s tag team titles again.” – Brad Shepard

Many people, including myself, have been complaining about how little the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships have been featured. If rumors are true and this match is added to the list, it could mean some much-deserved exposure for the tag team titles.

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that Paige was getting frustrated with how little the tag team titles were featured. However, she did state that The Kabuki Warriors were set to have their pay-per-view moment after a match in Japan. While we expected this to be at Summerslam, it seems like the WWE have changed their minds and the rise of the Warriors will take place sooner.

Is The WWE Trying To Restart The Women’s Revolution

Extreme Rules Women's Revolution

There is no doubt that the women’s revolution has been on the backburner for a while. However, if the title match takes place at Extreme Rules, the WWE might be giving the revolution a reboot.

In addition to the predicted match at Extreme Rules, there has also been the announcement of “Fight Like A Girl”, a new reality show that will be produced by none other than Stephanie McMahon. During this show, a lot of the female wrestlers will be featured while they guide young women to overcome obstacles that hold them back.

It is a step in the right direction, ignoring the Saudi Arabia shows and the lack of women’s matches over the past couple of months. Maybe it is time for an all-women’s pay-per-view again? Men are getting an all-men’s pay-per-view several times a year in Saudi Arabia… Just saying.

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