WWE Announces Arrival Of New Reality Show “Fight Like A Girl”!

The WWE has been responsible for a number of reality shows, but now a new one has been announced - "Fight Like A Girl". Find out more about it here!

Since the last women’s pay-per-view, we have not seen all that much of the women’s revolution. However, the WWE is now attempting to change that with the arrival of a new reality TV show “Fight Like A Girl“. If you are curious about what this show entails, be sure to read on!

The Concept Of Fight Like A Girl

Fight Like A Girl Produced By Stephanie McMahon

“Fight Like A Girl” will be made for a mobile platform called Quibi. It will feature numerous female superstars from the WWE, who will be guiding several young women who have experienced personal issues. Evidently, the female superstars will help these women overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

While this overall concept has been done before, this is one of those reality shows I will be watching. The show has also been produced by Stephanie McMahon, who has been one of the main people behind the women’s revolution. I hope the show is a success, but you never know.

We currently do not have an exact release date for “Fight Like A Girl”, since it has only been announced on July 10. Nevertheless, we will keep you posted.

The Most Successful Reality Shows From The WWE

“Fight Like A Girl” is not the first reality show that involves WWE superstars. There are other shows still running, and some that have now stopped running. But which are the most successful ones?

Miz and Mrs

This is one of my personal favorites. It follows the hectic life of The Miz and his lovely wife Maryse. From dog misbehavior to a grandmother with some serious quirks, this show made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. If you have never seen it, this would be a good time to start!

Total Divas

When mentioning WWE reality shows, this one cannot be missing. “Total Divas” has been around for years and has been following several female wrestlers in their career and personal lives. In fact, I have no doubt that “Total Divas” has contributed to the career of many female wrestlers. It even played a hand in the women’s revolution if I’m being fair.

Total Bellas

A spin-off from “Total Divas”, which solely centred around the Bella family. For fans of Nikki and Brie Bella, this was certainly a great one to watch. While I did not get engulfed as much as the shows mentioned above, it is still a fun one to watch.

Holy Foley

When you have a reality show that features Mick Foley and his family, you can expect it will be super weird. I was addicted since I saw the trailer for the show, which featured Noelle Foley’s boyfriend whose hobby it was to dress up like a clown (even though he did not work as one).

From the trials of trying to become a WWE superstar to dealing with your wrestling past, this show has a lot of dramatic moments too. So, if you like a good laugh, but also appreciate your wrestling heritage, this is a show you cannot afford to miss!

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