Facebook Suspends Superstar Accounts + Cody Rhodes On Stardust

-If you’ve been paying attention at home, social media platforms are under all sorts of pressure to clean things up.

There is a concern over fake news, fake accounts and people pretending to be someone they are not. Scammers do this all the time in an effort to take advantage of gullible fans. To that end, Facebook and other platforms have taken steps to remove or suspend accounts they believe are not the genuine article.

However, as we’ve seen over the weekend, the company does at times disable what turn out to be legitimate Superstar social media accounts.

In recent weeks, it seems that Luke Gallows, Cedric Alexander and Ariya Daivari have all seen their Facebook presence come into question.

Considering that WWE is using social media more and more to further angles (look at how Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey used it during their feud), having accounts suspended could be problematic.

-In other news, AEW VP Cody Rhodes shared some comments on Twitter about if he had any regrets about his time in WWE. Specifically, Rhodes was asked about his Stardust persona.

With all the potential for bad feelings, that is actually a refreshingly pleasant take from Rhodes. Stardust was a unique character and certainly allowed for a different creative outlet. It also saw some of Cody’s best WWE work.