Yowie Wowie: Bray Wyatt Could Wreak Havoc At MITB

The WWE Universe is still talking about last night's Firefly Fun House segment, where Bray Wyatt revealed a horrific secret. Will we see him at MITB?

The evolution of Bray Wyatt and his Firefly Fun House gimmick continued this week, and brought the new persona to a different level, and terrifying level, when Wyatt revealed a secret he had been teasing to the WWE Universe via Twitter for about a week now.

It started with some cryptic tweets on Sunday May 4th around a secret message of sorts, which could be decoded if fans looked back at eight consecutive 2015 backstage promos. It had WWE Twitter fans reeling.

He’d move on to provide clues throughout the week, as no one could break the code, finally unveiling the eight (consecutive) sentences from 2015 segments, only to reveal the secret he had been hiding during his latest Firefly Fun House the May 13th edition of Monday Night RAW.

It’s clear, Bray Wyatt is diving into a split personality of sorts, and the way it is unrolling is flawless. One thing about Wyatt, unlike most WWE superstars, is that social media or not, he remains in character, and has been fully committed to this new persona not only on WWE television, but Twitter as well. He never lets Windham Lawrence Rotunda, the man, peak out at all, and last’s night unveiled mask, in all its horrific glory, had the WWE Universe more intrigued than ever on what sort of path Bray Wyatt would travel on during this next WWE run. Where will this all take him, and here’s hoping WWE Creative doesn’t screw it up.

The Lines Of Good And Evil

I’ve always been intrigued by Bray Wyatt, past persona, and this new one included. Flawlessly executed, Wyatt’s newest Firefly Fun House (FFH) promos have broken the Internet, with people flocking to watch, and re-watch his FFH segment on YouTube. These promos have been fascinating to say the least, as Wyatt aims his cult-like leadership skills towards that of a children’s show; however, last night’s deep and dark secret produces further evidence of a man who fights a battle between good and evil; an overarching theme in WWE storylines. The beauty of this character revamp is also that it has not erased Bray’s past character in the least; rather, it is an extension, perhaps an evolution of sorts, from the old Wyatt.

Since last night, Wyatt has run a little rapid on Twitter, targeting Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, as well as ex-Dean Ambrose, known once again as Jon Moxley.

It has been a long while since the WWE has been truly able to blur the lines of good and evil with a superstar, and with fans so captivated by Wyatt and his highly entertaining, yet highly disturbing, FFH segments, the company has gimmick gold with Wyatt right now. It’s very interesting how, since last night’s segments, he’s not only targeted a heel talent in Samoa Joe, but making nice-nice with two of the top faces on both rosters, in an eerie manor. Off the cusp of revealing his “dark” side, it’s clear that with this new “split” personality will continue to fold, perhaps focusing on Bray’s struggle in doing good and being good, amongst letting his darks side come out now and again. Walking that fine line between the dark and light will be an interesting watch, especially as Wyatt dives into storylines with other superstars, and interacts in programs and feuds.

Money in the Bank

If WWE Creative doesn’t include Bray Wyatt to some capacity come this Sunday’s pay-per-view, then I’d consider this a huge fail. I’m a little against him interrupting the actual Money in the Bank (MITB) men’s match, since he’s done that before; however, depending on what the outcome and goal is for a variety of programs on tap, Wyatt needs his presence known. In fact, a double appearance that night would truly paint of picture of Bray’s struggle with identity: coming to Rey Mysterio’s aid as FFH host (sunshine and cheery) Bray Wyatt, and then attacking a face (i.e. Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins) as the masked and terrifying Wyatt – something to that capacity. Perhaps the split occurs in the middle of something where it seems as if Wyatt will help out a face, only to turn in the blink of an eye.

Only time will tell of how all this will truly unravel.

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